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Tesla Model Y becomes a hotel amenity thanks to ride-sharing platform Envoy

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Update 2:45 PM ET 4/20/2022: Paragraph 3 updated with CEO comments.

Envoy Technologies has made the Tesla Model Y an official amenity for visitors of the Mondrian South Beach hotel in Miami. The ride-sharing platform announced this morning that it has entered the hospitality market by making the Model Y available to hotel guests without the hassle and expense of traditional rental services.

For the first time, Envoy is launching at a hotel, previously building its EV share offering in multifamily housing communities and office buildings. Public car share options continue to decline, and rental options become more expensive and less available, leaving travelers with few options that are both affordable and convenient. Envoy cuts through these two shortcomings, making on-site EV sharing options a property amenity, it said.

Credit: Envoy

“The mission of Envoy is to provide EV access and education to people where they live, work and stay. Our goal is to meet our members at their doorstep including where they travel, like guests staying at the Mondrian. Powered by our smart e-mobility travel becomes more convenient and it creates a network effect helping to make our world a cleaner place,” Ori Sagie, CEO and co-founder of Envoy Technologies, said.

“We are thrilled with the launch of our first electric car share at a luxury hotel, the Mondrian South Beach,” Aric Ohana, President and Co-Founder of Envoy, said. “This is our first entry into the hospitality market and, as a busy traveler myself, I know first hand how hard it can be to find reliable transportation in a new city.”

The first Model Y will be available at the Mondrian South Beach in Miami, Florida. Visitors at the Mondrian luxury hotel will be able to book the Model Y through the Envoy Mobility app, giving them easy access to an electric vehicle without hefty fees.

“Mondrian South Beach is delighted to be the first hotel to offer Envoy, electric car sharing. Our guests will appreciate the ease of dedicated, immediate transportation right out of the lobby,” Director of Marketing for the Mondrian South Beach, Christina Gil, said. “The versatile Tesla Model Y crossover will offer plenty of space for guest parties to zip around Miami in comfort with all the innovative tech bells and whistles.”

Rental companies have also ventured into the market of electric vehicles recently. Hertz purchased Model 3 and Model Y units from Tesla last year and added vehicles from Polestar this year. As sustainable options for passenger transportation become more popular around the country, car rental companies are continuing to expand their lineup of electric options to align with customer needs.

Envoy has deployed over 300 EVs at more than 150 multifamily properties and offices since its inception in 2017. It has also installed more than 150 charging stations for vehicles. Envoy is available across the U.S. including FloridaCaliforniaOregonWashingtonNew York, and Illinois.

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Tesla Model Y becomes a hotel amenity thanks to ride-sharing platform Envoy
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