Tesla Model Y doesn’t have Homelink but you can add it: Here’s how it’s done

Credit: YouTube | DaErik

In the past, Tesla owners have been able to utilize a built-in version of Homelink to open garage doors for their vehicles. Now, Homelink comes separate and is not included with the car, but the installation is still as simple as ever, as shown by Tesla owner-enthusiast DAErik in a recent video.

Upon receiving the Model Y from Tesla recently, DAErik saw it as the perfect opportunity to rid himself of the garage door keypad his family has used in the past. This is the perfect situation for Homelink, as the program can control up to three different systems. A unique feature of Homelink is the fact that the program is capable of controlling more than just garage doors. Gated entries, security systems, lights, and thermostats are among the things that can be controlled by Homelink’s system.

Additionally, Homelink operates on a series of radio frequencies to initiate the power of a device. It does not use a wireless internet connection like other “smart devices” that are available on the market. This is advantageous for owners who could be susceptible to internet outages at their homes, which would require them to enter garages, gates, or homes manually.

Homelink is capable of automatically opening doors, turning on lights, or changing thermostat settings when a vehicle comes into a specific range of the home it is installed. This distance is customizable for owners and can be adjusted accordingly to the driver’s preference. For slimmer garage openings, side mirrors can also be folded in automatically.

Homelink was included in Tesla’s vehicles as a standard feature up until the company removed it from the Model 3 in May 2019. Tesla instead added the product to its online shop as an aftermarket feature, making it available to anyone who wanted the pay the $300 price tag for the item.

DAErik detailed the process he took to activate the Homelink system in his new Model Y. The setup process simply required naming each garage bay, then conducting a quick synchronization between the car, the Homelink device, and the garage door itself. Based on the owner-enthusiast’s video, the whole process is super simple and requires very little time, unlike past garage door openers that can sometimes be a hassle to set up.

Before the system can be set up, the order will be mailed to the customer. However, the box cannot be opened as a Tesla Service Center must install the Homelink system. Tampering with the box will void both the warranty and the installation process, so be sure to let the professionals at a local Service Center take care of the technical work before synchronizing the product to the home’s garage or gated entryway.

Watch DAErik’s video of the Homelink installation with the Model Y below.

Tesla Model Y doesn’t have Homelink but you can add it: Here’s how it’s done
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