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Tesla Model Y ‘Juniper’ Refresh may not offer major overhaul

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Tesla is reportedly preparing to revamp and refresh the Model Y in a new project codenamed “Juniper,” but the changes may not be major. Instead, they could be a widespread modification of many areas of the vehicle.

On March 1, it was reported that Tesla was preparing the Model Y for an overhaul, with those changes taking place within 2024 vehicle builds as modifications would need to be made to production lines.

Reuters said in its coverage that Tesla had already started reaching out to suppliers for quotes on what new parts would cost as the company prepared to begin building the new version of the vehicle as soon as next year. A targeted production date of October 2024 was mentioned in the initial reports.

Tesla ‘Project Juniper’ aims to revamp and refresh Model Y

While Tesla’s Project Highland revamp for the Model 3 has not shown much more than new wheels and potentially a new sensor suite, although that is unconfirmed as every sighting of the vehicle so far has shown the front and rear bumpers hidden by covers.

Not A Tesla App said a source is indicating that Project Juniper could be similar to the Model S and Model X refreshes that Tesla rolled out several years ago. While the vehicles’ shapes and designs remained relatively the same, Tesla made a more significant focus on the DNA of the cars. More refinements were made to not only the interior but also to the infotainment systems.

The Model S and Model X were both outfitted with some exterior changes, like new taillight designs, a charging port revision, and others. But some of the biggest changes were made to infotainment and in-car gaming, which included the inclusion of high-powered GPU systems and memory chips to support revolutionary and groundbreaking new entertainment for drivers and passengers.

The Model Y could feature similar changes, and expecting a full-fledged redesign of the vehicle altogether may be drastic.

As said at Tesla’s Investor Day last week, the automaker has a goal to cut costs and bring EV models to more affordable price points, which will era in additional sales and help more families afford EVs. This is through a new vehicle platform, perhaps, but it could also be applied to the company’s already-existing models. As Tesla is working on Highland, and now Juniper, affordability and cost cutting is being pushed into the forefront.

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Tesla Model Y ‘Juniper’ Refresh may not offer major overhaul
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