Tesla Model Y, Model 3 dominate 2021’s EV sales charts…and it’s not close

(Credit: Evan Jarecki/Instagram)

Tesla’s Model Y and Model 3 combined for the ideal one-two punch in the global EV sales charts through 2021 so far. A new list of the top 12 electric cars in the world was released earlier this week, and it shows Tesla’s lead in the sector is still as evident and as dominant as it ever was.

The list, put together by Car and Driver, shows that the Model Y has undoubtedly become Tesla’s star child with 76,429 units sold through the first half of 2021. Despite only being in Tesla’s lineup for a little over a year, the all-electric crossover has established itself as the most popular electric vehicle in the world today, surpassing its sibling Model 3, which really brought Tesla into the conversation of mass-market, affordable vehicles. The Model Y starts at $52,990 and is available in two different configurations: Long Range and Performance. Both builds of the vehicle pack Tesla’s Dual Motor All-Wheel-Drive powertrain, one of the most robust and advanced in the entire automotive sector today based on quality and performance metrics.

The Tesla Model Y. (Credit: MotorTrend)

The disruption the Model Y has caused to competing automakers is relevant and recognizable. More people bought Model Ys in the first half of the year than all other non-Tesla-produced electric cars combined. (This fact discounts the automakers, like Kia and Polestar, who do not report their sales figures to the public.)

The Model Y is also getting ready to break into the global automotive market’s best-seller list as well. According to the report, “the Y was incredibly close to unseating the Honda Pilot as the 25th-best-selling vehicle on the market as a whole.” In the coming years, as price parity battles begin to ween in favor of electric vehicle makers, the Model Y could break into the ranks of the global vehicle sales charts, displacing some of the most popular cars that have ever graced the market.

The Model Y wasn’t Tesla’s only contributor on the list, however. The Model 3, which has become a mainstay on EV sales charts since initial deliveries in Summer 2017, was the second-most sought-after vehicle in the global EV market. With 51,510 units sold, the Model 3 has kept its reputation as one of the best-selling EVs in the world through numerous competitors and so-called “Tesla Killers” who have failed to live up to their name. The Model 3 has been subjected to numerous price increases this year, just like its sibling Model Y, but still remains the automaker’s most affordable vehicle. The impressive combination of speed, range, and functionality has made the Model 3 one of the most intricate and important vehicles in the past few decades of American automobiles. Not only did the vehicle help Tesla become a household name, but it also solidified itself as one of the catalysts for more widespread EV adoption across the world.

Notables on the list include the Chevy Bolt EV and EUV in third with 20,288 units sold and the Ford Mustang Mach-E in fourth with 12,975 units.

It’s encouraging to see a list of vehicles that continues to expand and become more competitive through the years. With more automakers inevitably deciding to try their hand at producing an effective electric powertrain for consumers to buy, the market will only become more competitive, meaning the technology will continue to improve, and consumers will only benefit.

Tesla Model Y, Model 3 dominate 2021’s EV sales charts…and it’s not close
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