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Tesla ‘Project Juniper’ aims to revamp and refresh Model Y

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Tesla reportedly plans to revamp and refresh the Model Y all-electric crossover in a new initiative called “Project Juniper.”

The plans, initially uncovered by Reuters, state that the Model Y will undergo exterior and interior changes and will take effect in 2024 when vehicles with the Project Juniper modifications are set to hit production lines.

Tesla has reportedly started asking suppliers for quotes on what revamped interior and exterior parts for the new Model Y will cost, preparing to begin building the vehicle as soon as next year, two people said. Tesla is planning to begin building the car in October 2024.

Specific changes to the interior and exterior are unknown, and this is a similar narrative to what has been seen with the “Project Highland” Model 3. Tesla reportedly planned to revamp the Model 3’s infotainment suite and other parts, and just months later, versions of the vehicle outfitted with covers were spotted in several locations in California, basically confirming the company was planning to revamp the mass-market sedan.

The planned revamp of both the Model 3 and Model Y is unprecedented for the company as Tesla’s sales are extremely reliant on both cars. Nearly 95 percent of 2022’s total deliveries consisted of Model 3 and Model Y units. Model S and Model X vehicles only make up a small number of deliveries.

Tesla’s ‘Project Highland’ has been in motion for six months

The Model Y was Tesla’s best-selling vehicle in several major markets last year, including Europe and China, and although the Model 3 sold more units in the U.S. last year, the Model Y was California’s most popular vehicle.

Tesla’s Investor Day is slated for later today, and the automaker is more than likely going to announce plans for how it intends to cut production costs and vehicle prices altogether. It is the only way the automaker can continue to push its sales upward while also remaining competitive in a market that is swelling with models that are worthy alternative options.

It is unknown how much the Model Y will actually change with the new plans Tesla hopes to implement. For what it’s worth, Project Highland does not appear to show any major cosmetic changes as of yet, although there is some evidence of new wheels and potentially a new front-end design. However, the vehicle appears to be basically the same to the untrained eye.

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Tesla ‘Project Juniper’ aims to revamp and refresh Model Y
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