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Tesla Investor Day: Five things we’d love to hear (but probably won’t)

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Tesla Investor Day is set to kick off later today, and there will surely be plenty of massive developments that CEO Elon Musk and other executives could give us details on. However, there are still some things that Tesla fans and investors would love to know about, but we might not get the opportunity, at least not yet.

Here are five things we’d love to hear about at Tesla Investor Day, but probably won’t:

1. New Paint Colors

It’s already been rumored that the Midnight Cherry Red and Quicksilver paint schemes will make an appearance at Gigafactory Texas for Investor Day. These colors are exclusive to the Giga Berlin operation, and there has not been too much of an update in terms of paint colors in the North American market for years.

Although Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen hinted toward new paint colors for the U.S. earlier this year on the Ride the Lightning podcast, there are a few bottlenecks keeping Tesla from actually doing so. First off, Tesla’s Fremont Factory would have to have its paint facility updated. While the company has taken steps to do this in the past, it was more for ventilation and fire protection than improvements that would improve quality and make way for new colors.

tesla quicksilver

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Fremont still builds all four Tesla models, while Gigafactory Texas only builds Model Y units. With Tesla’s order log getting longer and longer every day, the company simply cannot afford to shut down Fremont to update the paint shop, but there could be other options in the future that allow the company to do so. Tesla is expanding Fremont and could build an entirely new paint shop, updating the old one upon completion.

2. Tesla’s Strategy for non-Tesla Superchargers

This one is probably the most reasonable to expect details on, but even still, it seems like what Tesla will talk about today will be geared toward more macro topics.

tesla magic dock

Credit: Branden Flasch | Twitter / Tesla

Tesla hasn’t formally released a specific plan for which Superchargers it will open to all EVs. While it did release a detailed video on how other EV brands can utilize the open Superchargers equipped with the “Magic Dock” last night, it has not detailed how it will determine which chargers it will choose to be open to all brands.

There must be a method to the madness, and owners will likely want to know which chargers are going to be geared toward being open to other EV brands.

3. Plans for Tesla after Elon Musk

Tesla wouldn’t be what it is today without Elon Musk, but unfortunately, nothing lasts forever.

There will be a day when Musk will ultimately step away from his responsibilities as Tesla CEO, and it will be understandable. It’s been a long and stressful tenure as CEO that many of us could never even dream of handling. One day, Musk will need to step aside, and even though it might not be all that soon, it would still be nice to know who could potentially take the reigns.

Whoever takes over the position will have a massive set of shoes to fill, but it won’t be impossible, just an extreme challenge. Musk will likely handpick his replacement, as he is likely the only person who could determine who is fit to run Tesla’s day-to-day operations.

4. Any sort of plan for Tesla’s Public Relations

While notable Tesla bull and recent Board of Directors hopeful Ross Gerber has always talked about Tesla’s need for a PR Department. Tesla abolished the use of one several years ago, which has made it difficult for the company to fend off negativity from media outlets when drastic and challenging stories about the company are published. Elon Musk has usually taken it upon himself to publicly announce what stories are real and which are false, but even still, a dedicated PR department might not be a bad idea to discuss today.

Tesla has utilized a series of posts on its company blog to respond to some negative reports. Most recently, the company responded to allegations that it fired numerous employees who were attempting to unionize at Gigafactory New York in Buffalo.

A PR Department would undoubtedly be a great way for Tesla to deal with negativity in the media, giving journalists and writers people to reach out to directly for anything they might need. Granted, media members still reach out to the company but are met with no response most of the time.

5. Improvements to Tesla Service

Service is still arguably Tesla’s biggest weakness. When I wrote a story about a Model S Plaid owner who had their vehicle totaled by a Service Center employee, people reached out with horror stories regarding issues with getting their vehicles fixed.

The stories still continue to come in, not as regularly, but likely because there has not been a story on it, and people don’t know where to reach out.

tesla service

Credit: Tesla

Service and Showroom locations grew 19 percent in 2022 compared to 2021, while the Tesla Mobile Service fleet expanded by 24 percent in the same time frame. Unfortunately, there are still many people who complain about the shortcomings of service. Tesla has tried to push a more efficient service strategy using an “F1” method, but with that, they phased out Uber Credits and Loaners in some circumstances.

If anything, this is Tesla’s biggest weakness, and if the company can fix it, it could likely be monumental.

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Tesla Investor Day: Five things we’d love to hear (but probably won’t)
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