Tesla ‘Nap Mode’ will let owners sleep but wake to an alarm clock

The Tesla Model 3's minimalistic interior. (Credit: Tesla)

Tesla owners may soon enjoy a feature called “Nap Mode” that will allow them to sleep in the car while the climate control is on and wake up to an alarm clock. Elon Musk confirmed that this feature can be added when Twitter user @GutGutM3 asked via Twitter and the Tesla CEO promptly replied with a brief, “Ok.”

“Nap Mode” will come handy for passengers who want a snooze in the middle of a long drive, or perhaps those who just want a bit of shut-eye for some energy boost in the middle of the day. With climate control set to optimal cabin temperature, passengers are guaranteed to have the most comfortable conditions for their naps as possible. The feature’s integrated alarm clock will likely be incredibly useful as well, preventing passengers from oversleeping.

Nap Mode can be considered a cousin of the recently rolled out Camp Mode that came with the 2019.40.50 software update. With Camp Mode, a Tesla owner can save some money while on the road and stay in their vehicles instead of renting motel or hotel rooms. The big batteries of the vehicle can support airflow, temperature, interior lighting, or even power devices with no problem. What’s even better is that the use of Camp Mode will probably not drain a Tesla’s batteries much at all, considering their size.

Apart from Nap Mode, Musk also confirmed that Tesla owners may soon have access to the extremely popular streaming service Disney+. This opens a treasure trove of Disney films, Pixar movies, and binge-worthy shows such as The Mandalorian. This is in addition to the recently discovered possibility of having HBOGo, HBO Now, Crunchyroll and other streaming apps being added to Tesla’s in-car entertainment system.

Likewise, there were other cool features requested by users that seemingly got the nod of the Tesla chief. Musk, for one, confirmed that it’s possible to make the most of the vehicle’s cameras to make it easier to handle negotiating tight spaces. The CEO also wrote about a future feature that will adjust the vehicle’s traffic-based navigation system automatically when one switches to another user profile.

Elon Musk has previously stated that he wants Tesla’s electric cars to be among the most fun things that people can buy. With their ever-growing suite of features, Tesla’s vehicles appear to be well on their way to becoming exactly what Musk wants them to be. What’s particularly great about them lies in the fact that these convenience features go well together, such as Camp Mode and Tesla Theater. Used together, these two features are bound to give passengers an in-car experience unlike any other.

During the long chat over Twitter, Musk did not forget to mention how he appreciates the work of his team and how Tesla is not forgetting its mission:

Tesla ‘Nap Mode’ will let owners sleep but wake to an alarm clock
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