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Tesla next-gen Roadster reservations highlighted once more in China

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It appears that Tesla CEO Elon Musk was extremely serious when he announced in the Cyber Rodeo that 2023 would feature one product release after another. After highlighting Roadster reservations in the United States following the Cyber Rodeo, Tesla has now placed orders for its halo car front and center in China as well.

This hints that Tesla may finally be at a place where it believes that it can truly ramp its halo car, which initially made its debut way back in 2017. Since its unveiling, the Roadster has been described by Tesla CEO Elon Musk as the “dessert” to the “main course” that is the Model 3 and Model Y. As such, the all-electric supercar’s release had been consistently pushed back. 

The next-generation Roadster was initially scheduled for a 2020 release, but this target has now been moved to 2023 as per Musk’s recent comments. The fact that the vehicle is now being promoted in foreign territories such as China, however, all but confirms that Tesla is now putting some serious efforts into releasing its new halo car. The Roadster, after all, is Tesla’s best vehicle, and its specs prove it. 

Back when it was announced in 2017, the new Roadster already shocked the automotive world with its 0-60 mph time of 1.99 seconds, its top speed of 250 mph, and its range of 620 miles per charge from its 200 kWh battery. Tesla has updated some of these specs, with Elon Musk hinting that cold gas thrusters could potentially reduce the Roadster’s 0-60 mph time to just 1.1 seconds. Innovations in Tesla’s battery tech also suggest that the Roadster may have an even better range than its 2017 specs. 

In a way, it appears that Tesla’s 4680 cell ramp was one of the catalysts that finally encouraged Tesla to push the Roadster’s production. Musk has been pretty quiet about the vehicle over the years, but during the Cyber Rodeo, an event that showcased the company’s Made-in-Texas Model Y with 4680 cells, the CEO noted that the company’s next generation vehicles are coming soon. 

“We’ll be in production with Cybertruck next year. We’ll be in production with the Roadster and with Semi. So that’s all coming. This year is all about scaling up. Next year it’s gonna be a massive wave of new products,” Musk said. 

Interestingly enough, the Semi, Cybertruck, and new Roadster are all expected to be equipped with the company’s 4680 batteries. It remains to be seen if Tesla was simply waiting for its 4680 battery technology to be ready before releasing its new vehicles remains to be seen. One could argue, however, that since Tesla’s 4680 cells are now ready for production cars, the timing for a Roadster ramp finally seems right. 

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Tesla next-gen Roadster reservations highlighted once more in China
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