Tesla captures top spot as Norway’s best-selling carmaker in 2021

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Tesla has captured the top spot as Norway’s best-selling car company in 2021, capturing 11.6% of the country’s market share, led by the Model 3 all-electric sedan.

Norway is a monumental region for the electric vehicle transition, which reached record levels in 2021 after battery electric vehicles (BEVs) captured between 75 and 80 percent of the total market share in the country. Electric vehicles are Norwegians preferred mode of transportation, at least that is what the data suggests.

Norway has a population of 5.4 million people, which is small compared to some of the other markets in the world. However, the advantage of having a smaller country means that less people need to be influenced to make decisions that could positively affect the quality of life in the country, and electric vehicles, due to their lack to tailpipe and absent emissions, are being sought after by citizens at an increasing rate. Norway has encouraged to switch to zero-emission vehicles by removing taxes that are applicable to combustion engine vehicles. Norway’s EV concentration reached as high as 80% in 2021, according to Reuters.

Industry experts in Norway believe the figure could climb even higher this year. “We believe we will exceed 80% electric cars next year,” Norwegian EV Association head Christina Bu said to Reuters.

Last week, we reported that Tesla would capture the best-selling EV in Europe title with the Model 3. According to data from, Tesla sold 93,957 units of the Model 3 in Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Great Britain, Ireland, Norway, and Sweden; the eleven countries the site tracks. Norway was most favorable of the Model 3 as well. Tesla sold 12,057 units of the Model 3, making it the most popular EV in the country. The Model Y placed in third with 8,266 units sold, falling behind the Volkswagen ID.4 with 8,640 units sold.

Tesla Model 3 will be Europe’s best-selling EV of 2021

Tesla’s market share in Norway was 17.1%, the data tracking site said. Volkswagen was in second with 10.8 percent.

More encouraging than anything, Norway is becoming a prime example of how countries will operate in the coming years. As electrified models continue to infiltrate OEM product lineups, and if governments can offer subsidies or tax breaks that encourage consumers to pick EVs, market shares globally will begin to show signs of the EV industry’s influence. Norway could be just the beginning of the evident widespread transition to electrification.

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Tesla captures top spot as Norway’s best-selling carmaker in 2021
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