Tesla Norway Sales Hit Quarterly Low

Tesla Norway sales decline in Q2

June marked a low month for Tesla Norway sales which has seen a 47% decline in deliveries over its previous quarter. A few experts are already using these numbers to instill fear in the stock markets. Are they trying to bring down Tesla’s over-valuation to a more realistic level?

Over-valuated stocks and June Gloom = FUD

FUD, better known as Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt are mighty tools in the media world and with investors. Tesla is no stranger to its attack and its latest spread is to be expected. June car sales are never great, period. Still, every year the song remains the same. Sales always disappoint in the month of June. So is it a case of much ado about nothing, or something to look closer into?

Tesla Motors (TSLA) stock fell 4.3% on Wednesday when investors heard that fewer cars were sold last month in Norway, Tesla’s high market hope for Europe. It’s only second to the U.S., and the company puts much faith on the country to rally the sales. To date, Tesla Motors sold 536 Model S electric cars in Norway in June, down from 1,493 in March. We need to keep in mind that this was an all-time single market sales record in the country.

Demand versus availability

Astute readers know that Tesla demand far outweighs the Model S availability. Even in the U.S., there is more demand than Tesla can fulfill. The other news that warrants a closer look is that Tesla shipped 1080 Model S cars to Norway in Q2 2014, versus 2056 in Q1. That’s a 47.4% decline, leaving Tesla 976 deliveries shy of its previous record, which beat its own expectations. Is this something that’s worth scrutiny? After all, Tesla beat its past expectations but now succumbs to its own high goals. Isn’t that what Tesla has consistently delivered until now, ups and downs?

One thing we can be certain about for the next year is that production and delivery woes at Tesla Motors will continue. Musk made it clear on more than one occasion that a continued backlog of Tesla’s products isn’t a problem at this early stage of the game. Now Tesla needs to focus on China, this will mean reallocating resources. As China’s demand increase, and they will, we can expect other countries to be less of a priority. In other words, China’s demand will most likely mean other countries don’t get as many Model S as the demand, and that isn’t a bad thing. It creates desirability.

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So far, Elon Musk hasn’t missed a beat with Tesla and expanding its greater strategy. A low month, even a lower quarter is nothing to panic about. The company has been in much worse situation in the past, leaving many to call it dead. Look at it now, and look at the plans it lays before us. Tesla Motors will continue to be disruptive, will continue to upset financial experts and continue to push carmaker’s buttons.

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