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Tesla Optimus project opens 61 new jobs

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla’s Optimus project is gearing up for another year of progress with 61 new job openings. All of the new jobs are located in Palo Alto, California. 

Among the 61 new jobs opened for the Tesla bot, 5 are categorized under manufacturing. The manufacturing positions for Tesla’s Optimus project include: Systems Engineer, Staff Systems Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer for Tesla Bot Functional Test, Photo Production Supervisor for Humanoid Actuators, and Mechatronics Engineering Technician. 

Some other jobs open for the Optimus project are Python Generalist, Engineering Technician, Controls Engineer, and Motion Planning Engineer. Tesla is also searching for a Data Collection Operator, Mechanical Reliability Engineer, Sr. Electrical Engineer, Sr. Test Engineer, and Reinforcement Learning Engineer.

Tesla aims to ship a few Optimus units by 2025. According to Tesla executives, the main barrier in the Optimus project is the humanoid robot’s utility. 

“Just to comment on the barrier. I think the barrier, and we’ve talked about this, is like getting it to actually do something useful. Like, we can get it to walk around, we can get it to do things, but it’s like, that utility part,” noted a Tesla executive during the TSLA Q4 and Full Year 2023 earnings call.

To see Tesla’s list of jobs related to Optimus, click here.

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Tesla Optimus project opens 61 new jobs
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