Tesla Giga Texas to receive EV parts from Pass Automotive Mexico

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Stephan Matz, the general director of Pass Automotive Mexico, has stated that his company will be providing parts for Tesla’s electric vehicles. The executive noted that Pass Automotive’s production of Tesla parts is expected to begin later this year. 

Matz noted that the facility which would be producing Tesla components is located at the Apolo Industrial Park in Irapuato, Mexico. Pass Automotive’s Apolo Park facility is expected to see an expansion of about 4,000 square meters (43,000 square feet) to accommodate the machines that will be needed for its upcoming EV parts production operations. About 100 more people will also be hired.

“We are preparing the plant for new Tesla lines. We are going to start manufacturing auto parts for Tesla. In November of this year, we start production,” Matz said.

As noted in a Periodico Correo report, the parts that will be produced at Pass Automotive’s Apolo Park facility will be exported to the United States, specifically Austin, Texas. This suggests that the parts which will be produced by Pass Automotive will be used for the Made-in-Texas Model Y, which utilize some of Tesla’s latest innovations such as 4680 batteries and a structural pack

Matz, for his part, has stated that Pass Automotive is now setting the stage for its EV parts production. “We are preparing the expansion to carry it out this and next year. It is an investment of several million dollars in machines, production lines, equipment, and industrial buildings,” Matz said. 

Tesla is only producing the Model Y crossover at its Texas-based factory for now, but in the future, the massive Gigafactory Texas complex is expected to host the production of several other key vehicles as well. These include the all-electric Cybertruck pickup and the Class 8 Tesla Semi, both of which are expected to require the company’s 4680 batteries. 

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Tesla Giga Texas to receive EV parts from Pass Automotive Mexico
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