Elon Musk believes Tesla’s current 4680 structural pack is still “far from optimized”

A preliminary teardown of the Texas-made Model Y’s structural battery pack has begun at automotive teardown company Munro & Associates. And while the Munro team was already highly impressed with the next-generation innovation from Tesla, CEO Elon Musk has clarified that the component still has a long way to go.

During their initial teardown, Munro’s team saw a number of interesting features from the Texas-made Model Y’s 4680 pack. The component, which already includes seats, the center console, and carpets, weighs just about 1,200 pounds. This is extremely light considering that some EVs have battery packs that are twice as heavy on their own.

It was also evident that the 4680 structural battery pack was made for efficiency. Even the connections of the structural pack to the Model Y’s front and rear megacasts are very simple, making the assembly of the all-electric crossover straightforward. As noted by Munro’s team, Tesla’s innovations with the Texas-made Model Y are truly unique and yet to be matched.

But in a comment on Twitter, Tesla CEO Elon Musk noted that while a structural pack is definitely the way to go, the component itself as it stands today is still very much open for improvements. “Structural pack is the right overall architecture from a physics standpoint, but it is still far from optimized,” Musk wrote on Twitter.

Musk’s comments are in character for the CEO, who is known to push for improvements in Tesla’s vehicles even if they are already among the best all-electric cars in the market today. Musk did not provide any hints about the optimizations that are still yet to be rolled out to the Texas-made Model Y’s 4680 structural pack. However, it should be noted that the structural packs today are but the first production version of Tesla’s new battery technology.

And Tesla, if its reputation is anything to go by, is a company that always improves. Munro & Associates founder Sandy Munro has noted in the past that Tesla’s engineering teams move at the “speed of thought.” This is arguably one of the reasons why Tesla has stood as one of the most attractive places of employment for engineering graduates in the United States for several years running now.

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Elon Musk believes Tesla’s current 4680 structural pack is still “far from optimized”
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