Tesla China’s public and government relations team is seeing a serious ramp

(Credit: Tesla China/Twitter)

Reports have emerged suggesting Tesla China is currently initiating what could only be described as a serious ramp of its public and government relations team. The efforts come amidst Tesla China’s growing role in the electric car maker’s operations, especially as the company prepares to launch the locally-produced version of the Model Y in the country. 

As noted in a Bloomberg report, a series of job postings from Tesla suggests that the company is looking to expand its public and government relations team in numerous areas such as Shijiazhuang, the capital and largest city of North China’s Hebei Province, and Haikou, a port city in Hainan. The recruitment initiative appears to be covering about 10 cities so far. 

Those who will be hired by Tesla for its public and government relations team will be responsible for “establishing and maintaining a positive corporate image of Tesla in regional markets” and building contacts with media, government agencies, and industry groups. Other responsibilities involve setting up media appearances for Tesla China’s executives, conducting policy research, and liaising with local governments

Interestingly enough, the public and government relations ramp of Tesla China appears to contrast with the company’s media strategy in the United States. Recent reports have pointed to Tesla largely disbanding its US media relations team, a move that has been met with polarizing responses from the electric vehicle community. So far, updates on Tesla’s projects have been largely provided by CEO Elon Musk, who posts regularly on Twitter. 

Since starting the mass production of the Made-in-China Model 3 this January, Tesla has managed to deliver 69,514 domestically built Model 3s in the first eight months of 2020. This allowed the company the be the top EV player in China. BYD came in second, delivering only about 40,000 over the same period. This is an impressive feat for Tesla, especially considering that Gigafactory Shanghai was only operating on two shifts until recently. 

Tesla China accounts for about a quarter of the company’s revenue, and this is expected to grow as the company introduces the locally-produced Model Y, which is poised to start mass deliveries by early 2021. Gigafactory Shanghai, Tesla’s electric car factory in China, is also set to start exporting vehicles to other territories, including Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand. 

Tesla China’s public and government relations team is seeing a serious ramp
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