Tesla (TSLA) maintains PT & BUY rating from Canaccord

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Canaccord Genuity analyst George Gianarikas reiterated the investment bank’s Tesla price target of $234 and maintained the company’s BUY rating. In a note released last week, Gianarikas provided some insight into Tesla’s production and delivery numbers in the first quarter. 

In Q2 2024, Tesla missed analysts’ consensus, reporting a delivery decline of 8.5% year over year. The company produced over 433,000 vehicles and delivered approximately 387,000 units in the first quarter. Many analysts have attributed Tesla’s Q1 2024 delivery miss to the decreasing demand for electric vehicles (EVs). Some automakers have also started sharing concerns about a slowdown in the EV market. 

Gianarikas discusses the possibility of Tesla having a demand issue and states the following: 

“Adventure 1 – Demand issue. One reason could be that the company kept producing cars… that it could not sell at the end of the quarter due to an unexpected demand slowdown. In China, at least, press reports do indicate that management slowed production in March based on weaker demand – so, to a certain extent, that should have helped lower the production/delivery discrepancy – especially when the last week of March in China was solid from a demand perspective. However, Model Y inventory does appear to remain elevated in the US.”

However, Gianarikas believes Tesla’s Q1 2024 production and delivery numbers were primarily due to supply-related issues as opposed to demand-related ones. In his recent note, Gianarikas points out that Tesla clearly explained that its decline in volume was partially due to the early production ramp of the refresh Model 3 at the Fremont factory, factory shutdowns due to the Red Sea conflict, and the arson attack on Giga Berlin. 

“Adventure 2 – Supply issue. One could also theorize that the company finally started to ramp production of the Model 3 in Fremont, the Cybertruck in Austin, and the Model Y in Berlin in the last weeks of the quarter – leading to vehicles that couldn’t be delivered in time due to the late quarter ramp. Model 3s in the US do have delivery lead times that stretch into June. The truth probably lies in the middle – but we don’t know. We lean to it mostly being a supply issue – but we compel you to choose your own adventure. Clearly, demand has not been stellar since the start of the year.

“But, again, if the company were clear of supply issues and were able to sell as many updated Model 3s as it could in the US and Cybertrucks globally, we think the quarter would have looked much, much different. An interesting and pivotal (once again) conference call awaits as we look for answers,” the Canaccord analyst concluded.

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Tesla (TSLA) maintains PT & BUY rating from Canaccord
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