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‘Tesla Profiles’ brings cloud-based convenience to drivers

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Tesla is finally planning to launch Cloud-based profiles in its new 2022.24 Software Update, according to release notes obtained by NotATeslaApp.

Tesla will officially label the feature “Tesla Profiles,” according to the report, which also detailed a new feature that will allow drivers to control where the Blind Spot Camera feed will be presented on the center screen.

For years, Tesla has talked about launching driver profiles that would allow cars that have multiple drivers, are rentals, or are utilized in a car-sharing service to give profiles to each person driving the car.

In November, the possibility took a drastic step forward when it was also reported by Not A Tesla App that Tesla was working on Cloud Profiles and that it would be geared toward multiple-Tesla owners or rentals, so profiles would transfer from vehicle to vehicle:

“If you own multiple Teslas, use a loaner or rent a Tesla, you will then be able to keep your profile settings the same across your vehicles. When you change a setting, it’ll automatically be carried over to your other vehicles.”

Tesla’s cloud-synced driver profiles to bring custom settings across multiple cars

Things such as mirrors, seats, and wheels can be adjusted and synced to a specific driver’s profile so that, when they get into another Tesla vehicle, the settings will automatically adjust those things in the exact position the driver wants.

The advantage also spreads to those who rent Teslas and drive different vehicles more often than not. One week, a driver may be renting a Model 3 in Las Vegas, and will be able to set the seat, mirrors, and steering wheel to specific orientations. When they rent a Model X in Montreal the following month, those exact positions will be automatically adjusted by the Cloud Profile.

CEO Elon Musk has talked about the feature since 2017.

Tesla’s 2019 Autonomy Day event showed that Musk was still serious about the feature, as he ensured those who will utilize the Robotaxi Network would have full convenience to manage their fleet.

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‘Tesla Profiles’ brings cloud-based convenience to drivers
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