Tesla releases Cybertruck off-road guide

Credit: Tesla

Tesla’s Cybertruck team definitely seems like they are serious about providing owners of the all-electric pickup truck as much information about their vehicles as possible. This was highlighted by the electric vehicle maker recently as it released a dedicated off-road guide for the Cybertruck. 

A look at Tesla’s Cybertruck off-road guide shows that the document provides a close look at the all-electric pickup truck’s off-road capabilities. It features explainers for the vehicle’s different driving modes, as well as useful tips for off-roading. It even includes information for beginners such as an off-road checklist and a guide for spotting, both of which are quite invaluable. 

A particularly useful portion of Tesla’s Cybertruck off-road guide is its section on vehicle modifications, which emphasizes that physical changes or additions to the vehicle would have effects on some of the truck’s performance or range. This may seem like common sense, but considering the negative range observations from motoring channels like YouTube’s Donut Media, which used a modified Cybertruck for its review, such reminders are evidently needed. 

As noted by Cybertruck Lead Engineer Wes Morrill in a post on X, Tesla put together the Cybertruck off-road guide as a deep dive into all the functionality of the all-electric pickup truck, as well as why and how to use them. Morrill also noted that the guide is intended to make off-roading approachable for drivers who have never really considered it until they got the Cybertruck. 

Such a document would definitely be useful for numerous Cybertruck drivers, especially those who are not well-versed in off-road driving. After all, the Cybertruck seems to be a vehicle that attracts mainstream customers, including those who are only familiar with driving on smooth, paved roads. This could be seen in videos of Cybertrucks getting stuck in snow or other terrain that have gone viral over the past months. 

As per EV watchers, a good number of the viral “cyberstuck” videos that made mainstream headlines were mostly due to driver inexperience. With the Cybertruck off-road guide in place, drivers of the vehicle would hopefully be able to operate the all-electric pickup truck in a more proficient manner.  

Tesla’s off-road guide for the Cybertruck can be viewed below.  

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Tesla releases Cybertruck off-road guide
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