Tesla tests roll out of new remote test drive strategy

Credit: Tesla Europe

Tesla is testing a new remote test drive strategy in Europe, opening its first gub in Örebro, Sweden.

The Tesla test drive experience is as normal as any other, but the company has taken numerous steps over the past few years to reduce contact between people and make the entire experience easier.

In 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tesla started offering no-contact test drives and vehicle deliveries to reduce face-to-face contact, still allowing people to experience the vehicles or complete an ownership process.

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In today’s world, it is likely less about the potential exposure to viruses and more about ease of access for people. Tesla is using a new strategy at the Swedish test drive hub to give prospective buyers an easier experience.

To drive either the Model 3, Model Y, or Model S that are currently available at the Örebro hub, you can book an appointment directly on Tesla’s website and then call when you have arrived. The vehicle will be remotely unlocked and, for new drivers, a rep will walk you through the basics of putting the car in drive, navigating to a destination, and other needs.

The test drive will last 30 minutes.

The touchless test drive process also is a great marketing tool for Tesla, as it is just one more way people can avoid the all-too-stressful process of buying a car. Car dealerships are among the most hated places to be for people, surveys have shown. In fact, people would rather do their taxes than shop for a new car.

Tesla has tried to take the stress out of car buying by eliminating price haggling and using a direct-to-consumer sales model. It has resulted in consumers being less inclined to believe they’re being run over by aggressive car salespeople.

In addition to the stress of the actual process of buying a vehicle, test drives are also a time when car buyers may feel that they’re under a microscope for their decisions. Tesla making the strides to take the stress out of every step of buying a car is likely one of the biggest advantages consumers will feel from this new program.

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Tesla tests roll out of new remote test drive strategy
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