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Prominent gas station sells thousands of stores to fund EV charging

Credit: TotalEnergies

TotalEnergies, a prominent French gas station chain, has announced it plans to sell its gas station locations in Germany and the Netherlands as it pursues EV charging and hydrogen fueling.

One industry that is set for dramatic change with the switch from gas to electric vehicles is the gas station industry. One such gas station chain and oil conglomerate, TotalEnergies, has seen this first hand, with its revenues from its gas stations falling precipitously over the past few years. Now, as the company looks to increase its EV charging presence in Europe dramatically, it has sold over a thousand of its fueling stations for an estimated total of 3.1 billion euros ($3.3 billion).

TotalEnergies will sell its 1,198 stations in Germany and its 392 stations in the Netherlands to Canadian convenience store chain Couche-Tard. Total will also be entering a joint venture with the Canadian firm to manage its remaining locations in the rest of the Benelux. Total was not a segment leader in either of the markets it is selling today, but with this added capital, the French company hopes to become a leader in charging.

“TotalEnergies has been looking at ways to develop non-fuel revenues in its retail business,” says the company’s announcement. “Service stations are becoming service hubs with shops, car washes, food services, and other convenience features, rather than just fuel outlets.”

TotalEnergies is on a mission to install 150,000 EV chargers throughout continental Europe by 2025, and with this added funding, it is well on its way to doing so. Total has also sold its gas stations in Italy, Switzerland, and the U.K. as it continues to expand its charging segment.

TotalEnergies is still an oil-based company and is a significant producer of petroleum products in Europe. However, it plans to reduce these sales by 30% by 2030, aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050.

In its efforts to become an “energy company,” Total has invested significantly in green energy projects, specifically solar and wind. While initially slow, its progress in these areas has quickly ramped, and the French conglomerate is now responsible for just over 1GW of solar power alone.

Besides its massive investments in EV charging and renewables, Total has invested heavily in hydrogen fueling and has established a subsidiary with its partner, Air Liquide. This follows numerous automakers, including BMW, Renault, and Toyota, investing billions into hydrogen-powered mobility, which these companies believe will hit the roads in the coming years.

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Prominent gas station sells thousands of stores to fund EV charging
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