Tesla makes it right with suspected lemon Cybertruck owner

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A US Army veteran from North Carolina and avid Tesla fan is thanking the electric vehicle maker for making things right after his much-anticipated Tesla Cybertruck ended up being a suspected lemon. It took a lot of effort on the Cybertruck owner’s part before his apparent lemon Cybertruck was replaced, however. 

Tesla enthusiast Lamar MK was among the customers fortunate enough to take delivery of the Cybertruck Foundation Series in March. At the time, the all-electric pickup truck was still a very rare sight on public roads. But over the weeks and months, the US Army veteran and his all-electric pickup truck’s honeymoon turned into something far worse. 

Much to the Tesla owner’s aggravation, his Cybertruck started showing problems. Over the next weeks and months, the Cybertruck would be in and out of the service center. Error codes were one thing, but after the Cybertruck was still not cooperating despite having major parts like its dashboard replaced, the US Army veteran had enough. He wanted Tesla to replace his Cybertruck, which was starting to look more and more like a lemon.

As noted in an autoevolution report, North Carolina law indicates that a consumer who is dissatisfied with their purchase can get a replacement unit or their money back. Tesla reportedly offered to reimburse the US Army veteran, but Lamar MK wanted to get a replacement unit instead. A refund, the Tesla owner noted, would probably mean that he would be moved back to the Cybertruck order queue, and that’s something he would not like to do. 

The US Army veteran’s story was shared widely on social media platform X, and though Tesla CEO Elon Musk did not interact with the EV owner’s posts, Lamar MK recently published a video revealing that Tesla did honor his request and replaced his Cybertruck. The replacement Cybertruck, as per the Tesla owner, seemed better built than his first vehicle. The cabin trim was all lined up, the tonneau was quieter, and there were no obvious panel gaps. Even the A/C was reportedly quieter. 

Tesla would likely closely study the US Army veteran’s first Cybertruck to determine what caused its problems. For now, however, the story at least ends on a partly happy note. The Cybertruck owner received a new truck, and Tesla got some praise from the EV community for making things right for its customers. The only ones unhappy are Tesla critics, who now argue that by replacing the US Army veteran’s pickup truck, Tesla is delaying the delivery of other Cybertruck customers. Fortunately, Giga Texas is pumping out cyber trucks at a rapid pace, so perhaps the delays for other customers won’t be too substantial. 

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Tesla makes it right with suspected lemon Cybertruck owner
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