Tesla resumes filing building permits at Fremont Factory

Tesla's Fremont Factory. (Credit: peekaystudio/Instagram)

Tesla has resumed filing building permits at the Fremont Factory after a one-week hiatus, which is indicative of the unconfirmed production stoppage that occurred last week at the Northern California facility.

Last week, we reported that Tesla had evidently paused production at the Fremont Factory as spotted by a drone operator.

Tesla’s first EV plant stoppage begins at Fremont Factory

The production lot was relatively empty, haulers were not present, and there was very little movement inside Tesla’s California vehicle production plant, and the stoppage was in line with things that CEO Elon Musk said during the most recent Earnings Call.

Production seemed to resume just a few days later, and based on permits filed by Tesla with the City of Fremont, there was definitely a small break in production to perhaps finalize tooling upgrades and other improvements.

Tesla has started filing permits once again, with the most recent being a Tool Installation and a Fire Monitoring system, according to the permits.

These were filed by the automaker on July 28.

The tool installation filing states:

“Demolition of existing equipment and installation of new equipment.”

Tesla has been rumored to be building a new Model 3, known as Highland, in California and could be set to begin production of the vehicle soon. The project was started in Fremont last Summer, according to filings seen by Teslarati.

The automaker will make improvements at other plants as well during this quarter, which Musk said may affect production as Tesla could report slightly lower numbers than expected due to the upgrades.

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Tesla resumes filing building permits at Fremont Factory
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