tesla fremont production stoppage

Tesla’s first EV plant stoppage begins at Fremont Factory

Credit: Met God In the Wilderness

Tesla’s first electric vehicle plant stoppage has started at the Fremont Factory, just a week after CEO Elon Musk said production facilities would be closed at various times throughout the third quarter to perform plant upgrades.

Musk said during the Q2 Earnings Call last week that Q3 production would be down as the company upgraded its production facilities, perhaps to make way for new vehicles:

“Although, we expect that Q3 production will be

Tesla is likely preparing production lines for new vehicle builds of the Model 3, as well as some reorganizing to make more room at the space-confined Fremont Factory.

For the last few months, we have reported on several upgrades that occurred at Fremont. These filings with the City of Fremont detailed tool installs, line upgrades, and space improvements.

Production Line Upgrades: Tesla will demo and update a production line at Fremont, perhaps for new Highland Model 3

Space Improvements: Tesla makes way for improvements at space-confined Fremont Factory

It appears that Tesla is already beginning the upgrades at Fremont, as noted by Met God in the Wilderness on YouTube, who flies a drone over the production plant once a week.

Logistics lots are nearly empty, entrances to those lots are closed, and haulers are nowhere to be seen, likely because there is nothing rolling off the production line as of right now.

We also checked Fremont’s filings, and nothing has been submitted or posted to the website in four days, which is somewhat unusual. They also mentioned a Tool Install and Process Relocation in two of the more recent filings.

tesla logistics lot at fremont factory

Credit: Met God In the Wilderness

Additionally, there is very little movement in casting and manufacturing portions of the factory:

tesla factory shut down for upgrades

Credit: Met God In the Wilderness

Rumors of Tesla’s Model 3 Highland have circulated as of late, and because of several on-road sightings over the past few months, we are led to believe the new, redesigned sedan is likely the reason for these upgrades.

Tesla has even listed some filings at Fremont with the Highland name.

Tesla’s ‘Project Highland’ has been in motion for six months

Tesla has not confirmed that the stoppages are occurring at Fremont, and they do not operate a press department. However, with how busy the factory is on a normal day, it is unlikely that things are this slow for any reason other than the plant is getting upgrades as Musk said it would just last week.

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Tesla’s first EV plant stoppage begins at Fremont Factory
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