Tesla’s ‘can be tapped into’ by the government: rapper explains why he’ll never ride in one

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Rapper Rick Ross founded Maybach Music Group in 2009, and you shouldn’t expect him to change it to “Tesla Music Group” anytime soon. The rapper and music producer recently explained his reasoning for not wanting to ride in a Tesla, and the reason might blow your mind.

“I’ve never ridden in a Tesla,” Ross said in a video. “Never, never in my life. I’ve never ridden in a Tesla, and the reason being is in the back of my mind, the government could tap into the brain of the car,” he explained.

Ross, who was born William Leonard Roberts II, went on to state that if the government wanted to be aware of where he was, they could simply check the location of his car. However, cell phones would be a better use of real-time location tracking, and he certainly uses one of those for communication.

One of the products of the EV revolution has been the transition to vehicles being looked at as software-based machines. Like a smartphone, cars are routinely connected to the internet and can receive software improvements through downloadable over-the-air updates.

Teslas, specifically, have various product security measures to protect owner and user data. For example, the automaker has a long-standing “Bug Bounty” program, which awards people for finding vulnerabilities in vehicle security.

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Tesla also says it makes “a good faith effort” to avoid privacy violations, among other things.

Additionally, drivers can disable location tracking in the vehicle’s settings, a feature that can relieve some of the more skeptical minds of privacy concerns.

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Tesla’s ‘can be tapped into’ by the government: rapper explains why he’ll never ride in one
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