Tesla gives first look at Robotaxi-powered ride-hailing service app

Credit: Tesla

Tesla gave a first look at its Robotaxi-powered ride-hailing service by way of a potential smartphone app that would be used to summon a vehicle for a driverless ride.

This is far from the first time we have heard about Tesla’s Robotaxi fleet and what it might be capable of. The company plans to compete with the largest ride-hailing services in the world and claims that owners will even be able to rest while their car makes money for them.

However, they are in need of completing the Full Self-Driving suite, which evidently seems to be moving forward based on releases of the Beta program and statements from the company

Tesla has even scheduled a specific date for the Robotaxi unveiling: August 8.

Last night, the effort took another step forward with the release of a new graphic that Tesla showed in its Q1 2024 Shareholder Deck, revealing what the ride-hailing app for Robotaxi might look like:

Credit: Tesla

It shows how incredibly refined the app could end up being, with details like interior climate, real-time vehicle tracking, and other features shown.

Tesla detailed some of the developments it made in the Robotaxi and autonomous ride-hailing program over the past quarter:

“We have been investing in the hardware and software ecosystems necessary to achieve vehicle autonomy and a ride-hailing service. We believe a scalable and profitable autonomy business can be realized through a vision-only architecture with end-to-end neural networks, trained on billions of miles of real-world data.”

Of course, we have reasons to be skeptical. Although Tesla did not outline an exact timeline of when the Robotaxi or FSD will be complete so the ride-hailing service can be activated, the renders of the app seem to show the company believes it could be coming soon.

However, Tesla has said for years the FSD suite would be done, and autonomy would be solved “next year.”

Still, Tesla’s development of the Robotaxi could be a major money-maker moving forward, and it seems the company is putting its eggs in this basket for the future.

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Tesla gives first look at Robotaxi-powered ride-hailing service app
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