Tesla implements fresh round of price reductions for its Model S3XY lineup

Credit: Tesla

Tesla has rolled out a new round of price reductions across its S3XY lineup. The move echoes a similar strategy adopted by the company in the first quarter, which resulted in a wave of orders for its vehicle offerings across the globe. 

As per Tesla’s online configurator in the United States, the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y received their own respective price cuts. And while the reductions in some vehicles like the Model 3 are pretty minor, other cars like the Model S and Model X saw more notable price adjustments. 

Tesla’s Model S Dual Motor AWD, for example, saw a significant price drop from $89,990 to $84,990, a reduction of $5,000. The Model S Plaid, Tesla’s top-of-the-line performance sedan, also received a price reduction of $5,000, bringing its cost down from $109,990 to $104,990. At their current prices, the Model S has the potential to be the best bang-for-the-buck premium electric sedan, considering its performance and tech. 

In the Model 3 lineup, the RWD variant saw a price adjustment from $42,990 to $41,990, a decrease of $1,000. The Model 3 Performance, known for being a track-capable sedan with its dedicated Track Mode, saw a price drop from $53,990 to $52,990. The price adjustments would likely broaden the appeal of the Model 3 to potential buyers and incentivize consumers to purchase the car ahead of Project Highland’s rollout. 

Tesla’s Model X Dual Motor AWD, the company’s flagship SUV, had its price reduced from $99,990 to $94,990, a drop of $5,000. The Model X Plaid, the performance-oriented version of the vehicle, saw its cost reduced from $109,990 to $104,990. This price reduction may attract more buyers interested in an electric SUV that offers both exceptional performance and bleeding-edge tech.

The Model Y lineup saw its price get reduced by $2,000, with the apparent 4680 AWD variant now costing $49,990 from $51,990. The Model Y Long Range saw its price decrease from $54,990 to $52,990, and the Model Y Performance saw its price reduced from $58,990 to $56,990. These price reductions could make the Model Y even more appealing to potential buyers seeking an electric crossover with compelling features. 

During the Q1 and FY 2022 Earnings Call, CEO Elon Musk and other Tesla executives noted that the aggressive price cuts in the first quarter resulted in increased demand for the company’s vehicle lineup. This new round of price reductions may have a relatively similar effect on demand this second quarter. 

Tesla remains a dominant force in the EV sector. And as the company continues to refine its production processes and technology, the EV maker could implement further price reductions to strengthen its competitive advantage in the automotive sector. Overall, it would not be surprising if Tesla implements more price adjustments to its vehicles in the coming months, which could very well help the company reach its ambitious delivery goals this 2023. 

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Tesla implements fresh round of price reductions for its Model S3XY lineup
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