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Tsunami of Tesla deliveries hits Europe in end of quarter push

Credit: Richard Santos Lopes | Twitter

As Tesla’s infamous end-of-quarter push gets into gear, hundreds of Tesla vehicles are overwhelming delivery locations in Portugal.

Despite Elon Musk’s efforts to smooth the rate of deliveries and reduce the dependence on the “end of quarter push,” Tesla seems stuck in its old ways as a wave of Tesla deliveries has hit mainland Europe only weeks before the end of Q1 2023. This push has gotten so bad in some parts of Portugal that new owners are asked to pick up their vehicles directly from the truck.

Numerous users on Twitter in Portugal, including Richard Santos Lopes and Esther Kokkelmans, have spotted this recent push of deliveries.

As seen in the pictures posted by both users, trucks that have brought hundreds of Tesla vehicles cumulatively are overwhelming the lots where they are being delivered, hence forcing Tesla to push customers to pick up their vehicles as quickly as possible.

Besides the incredible wave of vehicles crowding out parking areas, the sudden flow of Teslas is worrying many about the lack of Supercharger support in many parts of the world. Specifically, numerous Twitter users who have spotted the wave of deliveries in Portugal have noted the lack of supercharger support. With eight chargers available in the entire Iberian country, that certainly seems to be the case.

Credit: Tesla Supercharger Map

Perhaps the most surprising part of this push is that Tesla is already having an incredibly successful quarter, particularly in China and Europe. In Germany, the Tesla Model Y reigns supreme as the top EV, stealing the throne from its Model 3 little brother. In China, insurance numbers indicate that Tesla is in for a record quarter in the region after beating analyst expectations. And in the United States, Tesla has retained its luxury automaker crown, keeping the top spot away from long-time champion BMW.

Tesla is clearly on its way toward yet another successful quarter, though it remains to be seen if it can beat analysts’ expectations. However, with many anticipating that Tesla may have a slightly lower quarter as it works to introduce manufacturing improvements, the automaker does have a low bar for achieving an astonishing result.

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Tsunami of Tesla deliveries hits Europe in end of quarter push
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