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Tesla sales in Europe rocket past rivals, according to new data

Credit: Esther Kokkelmans

Tesla sales in Europe during February made the American company the fastest-growing automaker on the continent, according to new data from the European Union.

Tesla has long been the dominant EV seller in the United States, but in Europe, it has faced significantly more competition, and the difference in marketshare between the two regions is stark. Tesla still accounts for nearly two-thirds of EV sales in the United States, whereas in Europe, Tesla doesn’t even account for a quarter. Ironically, despite the increased competition in Europe, Tesla seems to be gaining ground, as new data initially reported by Barrons shows that it was the fastest-growing automaker in February.

According to data from the European Union, Tesla sold a total of 19,249 vehicles in February, up by 49.68% compared to February 2022, just shy of Tesla’s infamous 50% growth target. This fantastic growth boosted the automaker’s overall marketshare to 2.4% compared to 1.8% in 2022 and its EV marketshare to 20%.

Tesla’s fantastic growth follows a similar movement in the overall European vehicle market, which grew by 12% during the second month of the year.

Luckily it seems as though Tesla is poised to double down on that growth, as the company’s infamous end-of-the-quarter push is now being seen in many parts of Europe, including in Portugal, where the company is overwhelming its available parking spaces and asking owners to pick up their vehicles as quickly as possible.

As noted by both Barrons and Morgan Stanley, this boost in sales is not simply a supply-side phenomenon, though the company’s added production has certainly helped. More notably, Tesla’s incredibly aggressive price cuts bring in more customers than ever. This price movement has been so profound that countless other brands have been forced to cut prices as well as they look to stay competitive with the current EV market leader.

Adam Jonas of Morgan Stanley calls this market price movement a “trend” instead of a “fad,” which many critics have alleged the price adjustments are.

Mirroring this European success, Tesla sales in China have also climbed considerably, and in turn, the Chinese market has seen much of the same price war as Europe.

What remains unclear is how price cuts will affect the North American market. Due to a less populated EV market and perhaps a more divided opinion of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, prices for EVs in the United States have yet to react as violently, spare Ford, who has slashed prices on the Mustang Mach-E and now plans to offer cheaper LFP battery-powered models in the near future.

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Tesla sales in Europe rocket past rivals, according to new data
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