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Tesla leads Germany in February EV sales, nearly double all other brands

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The German KBA released its EV sales data for February, showing that Tesla sold nearly double the EVs of any other brand.

Tesla has been a segment leader in Germany since Giga Berlin was established, bringing Model Y production to Europe. This leadership has even resulted in the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y becoming the most popular vehicles in the country countless times.

Now, the German agency tasked with tracking vehicle registrations, the KBA, has found that Tesla sold nearly double the number of EVs of its closest rival, Volkswagen, during February.

Selling a total of 11,952 vehicles during February, Tesla was the clear leader in terms of EV sales in Germany. Domestic brands Volkswagen, Audi, and Mercedes were the next most popular, but even combined, they only barely surpassed Tesla sales during the month. VW sold a total of 6,972 EVs, Audi sold 4,767, and Mercedes sold 4,029.

Tesla’s most popular model, the Model Y, which was by far the most popular EV in Germany during the same month, also beat out the vast majority of brands, selling 6,442 units.

Tesla’s leadership in Germany does seem to be resulting in some profound changes from other brands. Most recently, VW announced a price cut on its next-generation VW ID.3, bringing it closer to competing with the Model Y. However, it remains more expensive than its segment competitor, the Tesla Model 3.

Other brands have not followed VW in introducing price cuts, at least not in Europe, but have continued expanding their lineups to compete in more market segments. Mercedes is the best example of this approach, as it now sells a market-leading eight distinct models.

Overall, the KBA noted that the EV market grew by 2.6% during February, a strong indicator that the market continues to gain interest in electric mobility. Hopefully, no matter the market leader, this interest can continue to grow and lead to a far more sustainable economy overall.

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Tesla leads Germany in February EV sales, nearly double all other brands
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