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Tesla China insurance data released for February’s first week

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New Energy Vehicle insurance registrations in China rebounded last week as the Chinese New Year holiday ended. And while Tesla China is still focusing on its exports at this point in the quarter, the electric vehicle maker’s domestic sales seem to be chugging along at a rather healthy pace.

For the week ending on February 5, industry watchers in China estimated that Tesla saw 8,643 insurance registrations, 62% of which were Model Y crossovers and 38% of which were Model 3 sedans. This is quite impressive, considering that part of the period still corresponded to the end of the Chinese New Year holiday. Tesla is still behind BYD, however, whose NEV insurance registrations reached 24,280 during the same period. 

Interestingly enough, NIO, one of China’s most promising new electric vehicle makers, has delivered an estimated total 298,062 vehicles as of the end of January. This meant that the new EV maker had delivered 298,062 since it started its operations. It also suggests that NIO may see its 300,000th vehicle delivery within the next days or weeks. 

Tesla China is expected to see some tailwinds in the domestic auto market following the company’s substantial price cuts last month. With the price adjustments in place, Tesla China may see record local sales in March, when the electric vehicle maker focuses its resources on domestic vehicle orders. 

Thanks to rising demand in China, reports have emerged suggesting that Gigafactory Shanghai will be increasing its weekly output to nearly 20,000 vehicles this February and March. Tesla China has reportedly seen a 36% increase in average daily retail sales in the first 29 days of January compared to the same period from the previous year as well, as per data from China Merchants Bank International. 

China’s vehicle sales in January saw a dip due to the withdrawal of the country’s subsidies for new energy vehicles (NEVs) at the end of 2022. The withdrawal allowed some consumers to bring forward demand and car companies to slow down production and sales during the Chinese New Year holiday, as per a research note from analyst Qiu Xiaofeng at China International Capital Corporation (CICC). 

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Tesla China insurance data released for February’s first week
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