Tesla Semi truck transports mysterious crate from China factory in cool new promo

(Credit: Tesla China)

Tesla China has released what could only be described as one of the coolest teasers for a video game partnership in recent years. The teaser featured everything that a Tesla enthusiast would love, from a stunning look at Gigafactory Shanghai at night, to the Tesla Semi, and to the Made in China Model 3. 

Over the weekend, the Tesla community spotted a mysterious crate on the grounds of Giga Shanghai. The electric car maker was initially silent about the crate, but based on pictures taken of the site, the mysterious object is actually quite large. This is evident in images of other, similar crates that Tesla placed across China, some of which were in public areas. 

The true nature of the mysterious object was revealed on Monday morning local China time, with Tesla China releasing a promo video featuring the exact crate that has been spotted in Giga Shanghai. As it turned out, the crate was a reference to a partnership with “Game of Peace,” one of China’s most popular games with over 400 million users. Game of Peace the Chinese version of PUBG mobile. 

The promo started with the mysterious crate being drop shipped at the Gigafactory Shanghai complex. Interestingly enough, the airship carrying the crate had a little Easter Egg in the form of a Tesla Supercharger inside the aircraft itself. The crate was then loaded onto a Tesla Semi, which proceeded to drive the mysterious crate to a mall. The crate then opened up to reveal a Made in China Model 3 with a custom paint job and decals featuring the game’s title. 

Tesla China’s partnership with Game of Peace could bode well for the electric car maker’s visibility in the country. Seeing as the title boasts 400 million users, the inclusion of the Model 3 as one of its available vehicles could make mainstream buyers extremely familiar with the all electric sedan. Ultimately, a Model 3 (and a Tesla Semi too, it seems) in the prolific mobile title could help spread the word about the electric car maker, its products, and its operations in the country. 

Tesla China is in the process of ramping its production for the Made in China Model 3, which has reportedly reached a run rate of over 200,000 vehicles per year. Work also continues at Gigafactory Shanghai’s second phase, which will be the site of the Model Y factory. Expectations are high that the Made in China Model Y will begin deliveries early next year, suggesting that trial production runs for the all electric crossover could begin sometime later this year. 

Tesla Semi truck transports mysterious crate from China factory in cool new promo
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