Tesla Shop posts 1TB SSD drive for in-vehicle games, dashcam recordings

Credit: Tesla Shop

With its recent Holiday Update, Tesla has turned its fleet of all-electric cars into undeniable computers on wheels. And with the integration of services like Steam, some Teslas today, such as the new Model S and Model X, are now akin to flagship gaming consoles that can leave supercars in the dust. 

Seemingly as a way to highlight its vehicles’ new range of services, Tesla has posted a 1TB Solid State Drive on its official Shop. Available in February 2023 for $350, the 1TB SSD is designed to store everything from Tesla Arcade games to data from the vehicle’s cameras. Images posted in the official Tesla Shop show that the 1TB SSD is placed in the glove box, making its placement neat and seamless. 

Tesla notes that its Solid State Drive is a cut above typical SSDs in the market, with its extended lifespan and its read/write speeds that are optimized for gaming. The EV maker also highlighted that the item is durable as it’s designed to withstand extreme cabin temperatures, vehicle shocks, and vibrations. 

“Store everything. From Tesla Arcade games to Dashcam footage, our 1 TB Solid State Drive (SSD) allows you to save all your vehicle data in one place. This automotive-grade external SSD is designed for durability withstanding extreme cabin temperatures, vehicle shocks and vibrations. With an extended lifespan compared to similar storage devices and read/write speeds optimized for gaming, the Solid State Drive supports Steam gaming,” Tesla noted in the 1TB SSD’s description. 

Tesla’s 1TB SSD Drive comes with the drive itself and a USB-A–female to USB-C–male adapter cable. Despite Steam integration only being available for new Model S and Model X units, the 1TB SSD is compatible with all Tesla vehicles. 

Tesla’s Holiday Update has been received well by electric vehicle owners, and Steam integration has been highlighted by the EV maker in its social media posts. On Twitter, Tesla stressed that Steam integration would allow Tesla users to play thousands of high-profile games from the comfort of their vehicles. CEO Elon Musk also shared his excitement for the update, noting that Steam integration works in-vehicle with a keyboard and mouse. 

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Tesla Shop posts 1TB SSD drive for in-vehicle games, dashcam recordings
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