Tesla begins Smart Summon rollout in Canada

(Credit: ALL Electric/YouTube)

Tesla owners in Canada have begun reporting that the electric car maker has begun rolling out Smart Summon in the country.

Canadian Tesla owners have been patiently awaiting the release of the convenient feature, as the Silicon Valley-based automaker waited for the approval of Smart Summon from Canadian authorities. CEO Elon Musk announced on October 3 that the software was not quite ready for the Canadian markets, but was optimistic that Summon would be available the following weekend.

Despite not having it ready within the CEO’s anticipated release timeframe, Musk and Tesla have expedited the process as much as possible, making Smart Summon a reality for Tesla owners in Canada on October 11.

Summon is a new feature of the V10 software update that Tesla rolled out in mid-September 2019. It allows owners to call their vehicles to their location or to a location of their choosing within a 200-foot radius via the Tesla mobile app. The feature has been quite polarizing thus far, but many people have utilized the feature to make navigating through busy parking lots easier.

However, the feature has received its fair share of criticisms. Recently, Consumer Reports reviewed Smart Summon and concluded that it was mostly like people were “getting a chance to participate in a kind of science experiment,” according to Senior Director of Auto Testing Jake Fisher. Consumer Reports also mentioned incidents with Smart Summon involving vehicles colliding with other cars. However, these instances have mostly been submitted through social media platforms and the only video of such an instance was not the fault of the Tesla, as another driver hit a Model 3 while backing out of a parking spot.

Nevertheless, there are many stories of owners having positive experiences. For example, Smart Summon managed to save a family from running through a torrential rainstorm recently, but that could be just the tip of the iceberg. Smart Summon is only in its initial iterations, after all. Further software updates from Tesla would likely make the feature more robust. Perhaps Summon’s first few runs in snowy parking lots will be recorded in Canada soon.

Summon is currently available to users in the United States and, as of today, Canada. But the company has not received approval from European authorities just yet. There are no updates on when the feature will be available to Chinese Tesla owners either. When Musk was asked if there were any updates on the EU allowing the software to become available, he said, “Not yet.”

Tesla begins Smart Summon rollout in Canada
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