Tesla is suing my state so Louisianans can buy EVs

Tesla is suing my state so Louisianans can buy EVs

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Tesla is suing the State of Louisiana over a law that restricts its ability to sell EVs directly to customers which violate its constitutional rights, The Wall Street Journal reported. Tesla is also fighting for the freedom of not just me but all Louisiana consumers. Currently, we have one service center in New Orleans and it almost got shut down.

Last year, the Louisiana Motor Vehicle Commission, appointed by Governor John Bel Edwards, was trying to stop Tesla from providing warranty repairs at the New Orleans service center which would have forced Louisianans to travel out of state for warranty service. This also would have led to the shutdown of Tesla’s only service center in our state.

Today, it was announced that Tesla is suing the Louisiana Automobile Dealers Association, multiple officials on the Louisiana Motor Vehicle Commission, and some dealerships in the state for conspiring to bring our current laws and regulations into place. According to Tesla,

“Louisiana consumers’ freedom is being unduly restricted by protectionist, anti-competitive, and inefficient state regulation and laws.”

A friend of mine from Louisiana who is also active in the Tesla Twitter community, Price Sicard, had to fly to New Jersey to pick up his Tesla. He later flew to San Diego to pick up another Tesla and he drove back both times.

“The drive back was so worth it but most people would not want to travel to pick up a car,” Price said.

He also told me that he learned the hard way that buying a Tesla in California was different from purchasing a car.

“I paid sales tax on the Tesla in California and Louisiana. It wasn’t as much in Louisiana. But I did pay more in taxes.”


My 2.5¢

Naturally, I have some thoughts about this. These laws hurt consumers. You shouldn’t have to pay sales tax twice on a new car.

As a Louisiana resident, I can tell you that some of our laws are just nuts. And although I don’t drive, I do want to learn and eventually own a Tesla someday.  However, our state leaders really don’t care about the ‘little people’ as they say.

Although it’s unrelated, I want to point out that what is happening to the residents of New Orleans as a result of politics. It shows the mentality of our state’s leaders.

The Louisiana State Bond Commission has voted twice to delay the approval of a $39 million line of credit that would pay for New Orleans to run its drainage pumps and protect its residents from flooding. This funding is critical. However, our state leaders are so pro-life that they are fine with residents being flooded out of their homes.

Even though it was the city’s officials and not the over 300,000 residents who made that choice, Louisiana is punishing its people for the choices that they had no control over. If our state leaders are willing to do this to their own people, then they will fight Tesla to keep it from selling EVs to its consumers directly.

Whether or not you’re for or against abortion isn’t the issue here. The issue is there are innocent people are vulnerable to flooding which happens often. It’s rained almost every day here since July and I’ve lost power 3 or 4 times due to the summer storms.

And if another hurricane like Ida comes along, it would be bad for those who can’t evacuate.

Again, these two topics are unrelated but I just wanted to emphasize the mentality of our state’s leaders. And I really hope that Tesla wins. Tesla has customers here in Louisiana who would love to not have to deal with the hassles that these backward laws bring.

Note: Johnna is a Tesla shareholder and supports its mission. 

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Tesla is suing my state so Louisianans can buy EVs
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