Elon Musk highlights from 2022 ONS Conference [Video]

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Elon Musk attended the 2022 Offshore Northern Shore Conference in Norway. He talked extensively about building trust and the path to a sustainable future. 

2022 ONS Conference Theme

Shell CEO Edward Daniels opened the conference, introducing its central theme of “trust.” Daniels brought up that people struggle to trust energy companies. He said it was time to address the trust level people had towards energy companies so the world could move toward a fair energy system. 

Elon Musk seemed to agree with Daniels. The Tesla CEO shared that he believes in the free flow of ideas and freedom of speech within the limits of the law. 

Musk on Oil, Gas, and a Renewable System

Before the event, Musk talked about the need for gas and oil to sustain current society. However, he also emphasized the need to work towards a sustainable future. 

When asked about oil and gas levels, Elon Musk replied: “I think realistically we do need to use oil and gas in the short term because otherwise, civilization would crumble. So in order for civilization to continue to function, we do need oil and gas. 

“And, I think actually, especially these days, with the Russia sanctions, we do need to provide oil and gas to keep civilization running. I think any reasonable person would conclude that. While at the same time accelerating the advent of sustainable energy,” he added.

Musk contemplated Norway’s potential to harness wind and hydropower, adding that the country might be able to export that energy to southern Europe.  

During the conference, Musk reiterated that renewable energy should be combined with larger battery packs. He noted that companies like Tesla and others are already making battery packs. 

Musk’s EV Predictions 

The Tesla CEO predicted that half of the cars on the road will be electric by 2030. He is hopeful that about 80% of vehicles will be electrified by 2035. 

Many countries around the world are working towards an EV future. Norway has worked hard towards an electric future, and Elon Musk acknowledged the steps the country and its people have taken thus far. 

“I just want the people of Norway to know that, hey, you’ve really made a difference,” said Elon Musk at the 2022 ONS Conference.

“Thank you.”

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Elon Musk highlights from 2022 ONS Conference [Video]
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