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Tesla Supercharger Network hits new milestone in Europe amid ongoing expansion

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Tesla’s Supercharger ramp has reached a new milestone. In a recent announcement, Tesla revealed that the Supercharger Network in Europe now boasts over 6,000 stalls in 600 locations. 

Tesla celebrated its new milestone by sharing a number of photos showcasing its Superchargers in multiple spots across the region. The images featured some Superchargers that were built in undoubtedly picturesque locations. 

While having 6,000 Superchargers in Europe is no small feat, Tesla still has some distance to go before the rapid charging network saturates the region. Superchargers, after all, still comprise but a small part of Europe’s overall EV charging infrastructure. 

Figures from Statista indicate that as of 2020, there are roughly 285,800 public charging stations for electric vehicles in Europe. This is vastly larger than the Supercharger Network, but it does include slower chargers that are under or equal to 22 kW. Tesla’s Supercharger V3 stations are capable of providing an output of 250 kW. Tesla’s older V2 stations are still high-powered, with their output of about 150 kW. 

A rapid expansion of the Supercharger Network would greatly benefit Tesla, especially as Gigafactory Berlin closes in on its local Model Y production. With more Teslas entering the European market from Gigafactory Berlin, it would make great sense for Tesla to ensure that its vehicles in the region would be supported by a quick, stable, and convenient charging infrastructure. 

Tesla Superchargers are lauded not only for their speed. They are also well-received due to their ease of use. Unlike some third-party rapid charging systems, Superchargers do not require a separate app or card to initiate a charging session. Tesla owners simply plug in their vehicles and monitor the charging session through the mobile app.  

Tesla currently operates over 20,000 Superchargers worldwide, allowing the company’s electric vehicles to perform long-distance trips seamlessly. Apart from Europe, Tesla is also aggressively expanding the system in China, where hundreds of new sites are seemingly being opened every couple of months. 

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Tesla Supercharger Network hits new milestone in Europe amid ongoing expansion
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