Tesla Supercharger network is already being made accessible to other EVs

(Credit: Tesla)

It appears that Tesla’s Supercharger Network will soon support vehicles beyond the company’s lineup of electric cars. The update was announced on Twitter by CEO Elon Musk, who remarked that while the initiative remains low-key for now, the Supercharger Network is being made accessible to other EVs. 

“They are, although it’s kind low-key. Tesla Superchargers are being made accessible to other electric cars,” Musk wrote, responding to an inquiry from Tesla owner and prolific YouTube tech reviewer Marques Brownlee. Unsurprisingly, the CEO’s statement promptly attracted a lot of speculations from the electric vehicle community. 

Elon Musk has often talked about opening up the Supercharger Network to other carmakers. As early as 2015, the CEO highlighted that Tesla has no intentions of developing the Supercharger Network as a walled garden of sorts. According to Musk, other carmakers can use Tesla’s Superchargers as long as they are willing to roll out vehicles that can take the power output of Superchargers. They must also be willing to pay their proportion of their vehicles’ usage of the system. 

Back then, Elon Musk noted that Tesla was already in talks with other carmakers about using the company’s Supercharger Network. Since then, however, the idea seems to have been pushed to the background. Tesla has mainly kept quiet about other EVs using the Supercharger Network even though other electric car makers, like Bollinger Motors have expressed their desire to use Tesla’s charging stations. There have also been electric cars spotted charging in Superchargers in Europe. Still, Tesla has not officially confirmed any other EV manufacturers that may have taken Musk on his offer. 

Considering that Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the advent of electric vehicles, sharing the Supercharger Network is arguably a great idea. Tesla’s rapid chargers reach far and wide. In countries such as the United States, they are arguably the most stable network that allows electric cars to perform long drives consistently.  If Tesla opens up its network to other carmakers and other EVs, then long-distance sustainable transportation could soon become the norm. 

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Tesla Supercharger network is already being made accessible to other EVs
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