Tesla Supercharger dominance continues after Q1 growth

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Tesla dominated the EV charging market in the first quarter of the year, placing more than five times the number of chargers compared to its nearest competitor.

As EVs have become increasingly prolific over the past half-decade, the need for public charging infrastructure has grown parallel. And while the U.S. federal government has stepped in to provide funding for EV charging projects, Tesla still leads the industry, despite not qualifying for the funds, helping to pave the way for an electrified future.

According to EV research firm EVAdoption, Tesla placed 1,292 charging ports in the United States during the first quarter of the year, representing the lion’s share of the market, with more than 5x the installs of their nearest competitor, EVGo.

Surprisingly, this comes at a time when companies have never been more incentivized to place new chargers. As mentioned above, the Inflation Reduction Act allocates billions of dollars for public EV charging. Outside of that, numerous federal agencies and State governments are introducing their own grants to help corporations afford infrastructure expansion. Ironically, these grants often are unavailable to Tesla, as the installed charging ports typically do not have CCS charger support.

Despite lacking federal backing, the main force behind the Tesla Supercharger expansion has been the dramatic ramp in Supercharger production at Tesla’s facility in Buffalo, New York, along with a dramatic reduction in production cost. According to a recent Tweet from Tesla, over half of the Superchargers installed worldwide come from the Buffalo location, which will likely expand in the near future, thanks to the introduction of Tesla’s newest charging tech.

Tesla’s newest chargers are set to make charging in both the United States and Europe faster and easier than ever before. Earlier this year, Tesla introduced the “Magic Dock,” allowing EV owners in North America with non-Tesla vehicles to charge at Supercharger locations. Meanwhile, Tesla also unveiled its newest charging station in Europe, the Supercharger V4, which brings a longer cord, manufacturing upgrades, and charging speed improvements to the network.

It should be noted that this incredible ramp has been great here in the United States but has lagged in Europe, particularly in places that are now receiving waves of new Teslas thanks to the company’s vehicle production ramp. This includes places like Portugal and the United Kingdom, which have been highlighted as places in desperate need of more chargers, though much of Europe seems to be under the same stress.

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Tesla Supercharger dominance continues after Q1 growth
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