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Tesla launches Design Studio, Superchargers in Turkey

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Tesla has launched its Design Studio in Turkey, indicating the start of sales in the country. To support the vehicles that will eventually drive around on Turkish roads, Tesla has also launched several Supercharger locations as well.

Tesla has tried to enter the Turkish market for years, and since early last year, the automaker has made major strides in the pursuit of sales in the Middle Eastern country.

Earlier this year, it became extremely evident that Tesla was close to starting sales in Turkey, as the automaker won an elusive license to operate its Supercharger network to drivers.

The launch of Tesla’s Supercharger network was listed as a major advantage for consumers who were struggling to keep up with rising gas prices, the country’s Energy Market Regulatory Authority stated.

“With charging stations to be installed at several locations, including parking lots, shopping centers, and gas stations by licensed operators, electric vehicle owners will be able to receive charging services and will be able to travel more affordably in the face of rising fuel prices,” the EMRA said in early March when Tesla was granted the license.

Tesla Supercharger dominance continues after Q1 growth

Only 119 companies have a license to operate a charging network in Turkey, and with Tesla becoming one of them, it is likely that the automaker will continue its dominance within charging specifically.

But without cars, Superchargers are essentially void. Tesla’s license indicated that it would eventually sell vehicles in Turkey, and the company confirmed today that it has launched the Model Y Design Studio, which seemingly indicates the vehicles will be built at Gigafactory Berlin and shipped to customers.

All three Model Y configurations, the Standard Range, Long Range All-Wheel-Drive, and Performance will be available in Turkey.

  • Model Y Standard Range – 1,548,732 ₺ – $80,536
  • Model Y Long Range All-Wheel-Drive – 1,619,532 ₺ – $84,218
  • Model Y Performance – 1,778,821 ₺ – $92,501

To supplement the sales of Tesla Model Y units in Turkey, the automaker has simultaneously launched the opening of 30 Supercharging piles across 4 stations in Edirne, Istanbul Asia, Bolu, and Ankara.

Turkish drivers adopted electric vehicles at a higher rate in 2022 compared to the year prior, and perhaps the introduction of Tesla’s most popular model will help EV figures continue to swell to record levels in 2023.

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Tesla launches Design Studio, Superchargers in Turkey
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