Tesla Supercharger Fun Facts

Tesla Supercharger Dashboard

A digital dashboard at the Tesla Motors Store in Palo Alto, CA shows off some Tesla Supercharger fun facts.

Updated Mar 19, 2014:
Visit the Real-time Interactive Supercharger Map for the latest Supercharger locations.

The red dots on the dashboard signify Tesla Superchargers that are active while the blue dots represent those Superchargers that are currently in development or ‘Coming Soon’.  (Photo source: Twitter @mgillet, @TeslaClubBE)

Tesla Supercharger fun facts:

  • Model S owners replenish approx. 30 kWh or 95 miles at each Supercharger station
  • Time spent approx. 20 minutes
  • Over 200 Supercharger pit stops occur each day
  • Nearly 4 million miles charged.  Enough to travel around the globe 160 times.
  • 158,000 gallons of gas saved
  • Over $500,000 in gas money saved
  • TOP 10 most used Tesla Superchargers are all in California
  • #1 – Not surprising, the Tesla Factory in Fremont, CA leads the way in most kWh delivered
  • #2 – Hawthorn, Southern California kWh delivered
  • #3 – Gilroy, CA
  • #4 – Folsom, CA
  • #5 – Harris Ranch, CA
  • #6 – Tejon Ranch, CA
  • #7 – Atascader0, CA
  • #8 – Barstow, CA
  • #9 – Folsom, CA
  • #10 – Buellton, CA


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