Tesla Superchargers’ per-minute pricing gets a welcome update

Credit: Tesla

Tesla has rolled out some changes to the Supercharger Network’s per-minute pricing. With the new update in place, drivers who are billed per minute would now be charged according to four tiers, each one corresponding to a charger’s speed.

Tesla notes in its Supercharger Support page that whenever possible, owners who use the rapid charging network are billed per kWh. In other areas, however, owners are charged per minute. Previously, the company’s per minute rates were only divided into two tiers, with Tier 1 corresponding to chargers that charge at or below 60 kW and Tier 2 rates applying to chargers that could charge at 61 kW and above. 

Credit: Tesla

Under the updated Supercharger rates, these tiers have been expanded. This time around, four tiers are used. Tier 1 rates, which are the lowest per minute, apply to chargers that could charge at or below 60 kW. Tier 2 rates apply to stalls that could charge from 61 kW to 100 kW, and Tier 3 rates apply to chargers that could charge from 101 kW to 180 KW, such as Tesla’s improved Supercharger V2 stalls. 

Tesla’s Superchargers that could charge above 180 kW have Tier 4 rates, which are the most expensive. These chargers offer the fastest charging speeds, however, and on compatible vehicles, a session could be completed in less than 30 minutes. Tesla’s updated Supercharger rates would likely be appreciated by owners. Under the previous system, after all, drivers were charged the same if they were charging at 61 kW or 250 kW. 

Tesla’s updated Supercharger pricing seems to be active in the United States for now, though the system might be rolled out to other territories in the near future. Overall, Tesla’s updates to its Supercharger pricing could be part of its preparations for the future, especially as the company opens its rapid charging network to non-Tesla vehicles

Tesla is currently testing an open Supercharger pilot program in 10 of its stations in the Netherlands. The program seems to have been received very well, with non-Tesla owners taking advantage of the Supercharger Network’s convenience and reliability. As noted by the company in its announcement of the program, the open Supercharger system could be expanded to other territories if its pilot proves successful. 

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Tesla Superchargers’ per-minute pricing gets a welcome update
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