Tesla Superchargers get Starlink internet, increasing station accessibility

(Credit: Brandon Starr/Twitter)

Starlink dish installations have been reported in a few Supercharger stations across the United States in Connecticut, Florida, and New York. Elon Musk shared that Tesla still aimed to offer free WiFi to its stations in the Supercharger Network a month ago, and it seems the company is pushing through with its plans.

Model S owner Brandon Starr spotted a Starlink dish installed at a Supercharger in Lisbon, Connecticut. He noted that it was the first Starlink dish he’s seen in person, and it was located at a 250kw Supercharger V3 site. 

Starr also noted that the Starlink dish’s name was “Tesla Service,” hinting that it might be used for a service center near the station. There was also WiFi signal being broadcast called “Tesla,” hinting that the company may intend to offer free internet connection through the Starlink dish. 

Other Starlink dish installations were spotted at Superchargers in Lake City, Florida, and Long Island, New York. Almost precisely a month ago, Elon Musk reaffirmed that Tesla owners would have WiFi access at Superchargers

The timing of the Starlink dish installations at Supercharger stations seems more than coincidental, as the company prepares to open its charging network to non-Tesla EVs. This month Tesla officially opened its Supercharger stations to other electric vehicle brands in the Netherlands. 

To access Supercharger stalls, non-Tesla owners must use the Tesla App to charge and pay for the service. As such, internet access would be a basic requirement for Tesla’s open Supercharger Network. 

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Tesla Superchargers get Starlink internet, increasing station accessibility
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