tesla fremont factory in northern california where the model 3 and model y are manufactured

Tesla to reveal Supercharger V3 at live event in Fremont tonight

Tesla’s first operational Supercharger V3 will be unveiled in Fremont, California on Wednesday night. Tesla has sent invitations to select Model 3 owners to be among the first users of its newest ultra-fast V3 Supercharger.

“As an Early Access Program member, you’re invited to experience the next generation of long-distance travel by V3 Supercharging your Model 3. Join us this Wednesday at 8PM, space is limited.” reads the email invitation.

The invite-only event will take place this evening at 8 pm Pacific in Fremont. No guests will be allowed.

Tesla invitation to attend V3 Supercharging event in Fremont (Credit: @privater via Twitter)
Tesla invitation to attend V3 Supercharging event in Fremont on March 6, 2019 (Credit: @privater via Twitter)

Details of Supercharger V3.0 have remained sparse, but judging by the teaser image in Tesla’s email invitation, a much thinner charging cable can be seen which seemingly validates Supercharger V3 rumors of a liquid-cooled charging cable being used.

Update: Tesla Supercharger V3 details surface in latest Firmware Release Notes

CEO Elon Musk first announced during Tesla’s 2015 Annual Shareholders from Mountain View, CA that liquid-cooled charging cables would be integrated into various Supercharger locations.

“We’ve just introduced an upgrade which is a liquid cooled cable which means that the cable can be really thin. In fact, we have the first working version of that here at the Mountain View Supercharger location, so you can try it up for yourself.” said Musk at the time.

By using a thinner cord, Tesla is able to give owners more maneuverability when plugging into their vehicles, while keeping the operating temperature in the cable lower and allowing for higher current.

“It has caused some customers to be quite puzzled that they are plugging a Supercharger with this tiny cord and they thought something was wrong but that’s actually just our next generation cord, because if the cord is liquid cool, you can actually make it very thin and subtle. So instead of trying to wrestles, it’s sort of a good sized snake into the car, it’s the thin subtle cord; it’s really great,” added Musk about the benefits of using a thinner, liquid-cooled cable.

Musk also noted in the 2015 Annual Shareholder Meeting that by using liquid cooling, Superchargers can handle more power thereby lead to even faster charging. “It also has the potential for increased power of the Supercharger long-term.”

V3 Supercharging is Tesla’s next-generation of ultra-fast charging expected to have a power output of 200 kW and max capacity of 250 kW. The charger also has a near-identical form factor as the current generation Supercharger, albeit with a slightly wider base to support an internal cooling pump.

Stay with us as we bring you official details of Tesla Supercharger V3 to come.

Tesla to reveal Supercharger V3 at live event in Fremont tonight
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