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Tesla will make some Superchargers publicly available to other EVs in 2022

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Tesla plans to open some of its Supercharging stations in Norway and Sweden to other electric vehicles in Q3 2022.

Last week, Teslarati reported that German Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer urged Tesla to unlock the company’s Superchargers to manufacturers of other EVs. For several years, the strategy has been discussed by CEO Elon Musk, but nothing has ever come of it. However, Scheuer said that he was in contact with some manufacturers, including Tesla, to unlock charging capabilities to other car companies.

In Norway and Sweden, this is evidently on the brink of happening, according to documents uncovered by Twitter user Otto Kristofferson (via Alex Avoigt).

The document states (via Google Translate):

“Tesla applied to expand five fast-charging stations. Tesla’s charging stations today are just available for Tesla cars. The type of infrastructure is then only open for use by one group and not for the general public otherwise. In the application, Tesla describes the relevant charging stations will nevertheless be publicly available from the third quarter of 2022. The administration considers that the charging stations for which benefits have been applied for will be qualified under the scheme, provided that the benefits be paid out after Tesla opens the charging offer for all car brands no later than the end of September 2022. The administration urges Vestland County Municipality to take note that the benefit can be abbreviated if the conditions are not met.”

It appears that the same sort of thing is going on in Sweden, according to a report from Elbilen, a Swedish media outlet (via Kent Öhlund). The Swedish Transport Administration is setting up funding to build more EV chargers in the country. However, in order to qualify for public funding, the chargers must be offered to all EVs and cannot be exclusive to one manufacturer.

The Elbilen report states:

“Six of the stations that have been granted support from ‘TM Sweden AB,’ ie Tesla. Their Superchargers can only be used by Tesla’s cars. This is not in accordance with the Swedish Transport Administration’s rules for support, which state that it must be about ‘public charging stations.’ Tesla has applied on these grounds and also certified this in the application form when they ticked that box. We, therefore, assume that the charging stations they build will be public, says Hanna Eklöf from the Swedish Transport Administration.

It would be monumental for Tesla to open its extensive network of Superchargers to other manufacturers. Not only would it allow more charging options for EV drivers, but it would likely entice more drivers to switch to electric powertrains, as charging options would be more available than ever before.

Tesla will make some Superchargers publicly available to other EVs in 2022
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