Tesla Model S Plaid reaches 140 MPH during first place run at Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Credit: Louis Yio | Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on Twitter

The Tesla Model S Plaid, driven by veteran Unplugged Performance team member Randy Probst, continues its domination of the Exhibition Divison at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. The Unplugged Model S Plaid recently took down the fastest practice lap time during the Wednesday session, leading fellow Tesla driver Daijiro Yoshihara by a 5.3-second gap. Yoshihara is in a Model 3 Performance. The all-electric sedans took the first and second-fastest lap times of the practice session.

The Model S Plaid, Tesla’s fastest production vehicle to date and the quickest 1/4-mile production car ever created, is dominating the field at the Hill Climb in the practice sessions so far. Probst, a veteran driver and familiar face at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, is dominating the field with a time of 4:10.342 in the Exhibition Divison with a top speed of 140.

Earlier this week, Probst ran an impressive 2:40-second time on a different section of the hill climb. The Model S Plaid topped out at 136 MPH while driving at 14,000 feet above sea level.

Only three vehicles could best Probst time in the Model S Plaid, but they were not in the same division. Three cars in the Open Wheel division recorded times better than Probst, but these vehicles are much more suited for the tight corners and difficult terrain of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Open Wheel vehicles, also called Modifieds in some race promotions, have relatively open chassis designs, and the vehicle’s body does not cover the tires. These cars are known for impressive handling and speed. The record time for the Open Wheel division was set by Paul Dallenbach, brother of 8-year NASCAR veteran Wally Dallenbach. Dallenbach’s time of 3:52.497 was an Open Wheel Division qualifying record, according to Racer.

As previously noted, Probst’s time of 4:10.342 was the best in the Exhibition class, but he wasn’t in the only Tesla running lightning-quick laps. Daijiro Yoshihara is driving a 2018 Tesla Model 3 and ran his best time of 4:15.653 during Wednesday’s session. Another Model 3 driven by Joshua Allan, who drove a Model 3 in the 2020 event, ran the fifth-quickest time in the Exhibition division on Wednesday with a time of 4:33.940.

The fastest time during Wednesday’s session was run in the Time Attack 1 Division by 2021 Bentley Continental GT3 driver Rhys Millen, who ran an unbelievable 2:25.40 second lap.

Check out Probst’s run from Wednesday below, courtesy of Unplugged Performance on YouTube.

Tesla Model S Plaid reaches 140 MPH during first place run at Pikes Peak Hill Climb
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