Tesla Superchargers to double in Wawa outlets by the end of 2020

A Tesla Model 3 at a Wawa outlet Supercharger. (Photo: Tesla Owners Florida)

A recent report has emerged stating that US-based convenience store chain Wawa is looking to double the number of Tesla Superchargers in its outlets by the end of 2020. The update comes amidst Wawa’s ongoing initiatives to support Tesla’s proprietary charging network, which are already deployed in a number of stores across the United States today. 

In a statement to The Philadelphia Inquirer, Wawa spokesperson Lori Bruce noted that the convenience store chain currently has 16 stores with Tesla Superchargers. A new store in Maple Shade, just off 295 and the New Jersey Turnpike, is expected to have eight Tesla Superchargers once it opens this December. 

Wawa’s adoption and the chain’s support of Tesla’s Supercharger network began in August 2017. The convenience store chain has mostly supported the installation of Tesla’s proprietary Superchargers, which are not compatible with other EVs such as the Nissan Leaf, save for one outlet located outside the Philadelphia region, which is equipped with an Electrify America charger. 

Addressing the Inquirer, the Wawa spokesperson added that the company’s ramp of Supercharger installations comes amidst requests from Tesla owners. This could bode well for Wawa, especially since the demand for Tesla’s electric cars appears to be increasing. Propelled by the more affordable Model 3, which starts below $40,000, Teslas continue to be more prolific in the United States. In the second quarter alone, Tesla delivered over 95,000 vehicles worldwide, setting new records for the company. 

Particularly interesting is the type of Superchargers that will be installed in Wawa’s outlets. Tesla has introduced its next-generation Superchargers, which have a maximum power output of 250 kW or 1,000 miles per hour. With the V3 network, a Long Range Model 3 at peak efficiency could recharge up to 75 miles in 5 minutes. Tesla has started launching the Supercharger V3 network in key areas, including the Las Vegas Strip, which debuted a 39-charger (comprised of 24 V3 stalls and 15 additional level-two Tesla Wall Connectors) last month. 

Tesla intends to roll out its Supercharger V3 network aggressively in the near future, which would likely result in some Wawa outlets being installed with V3 chargers. This could ultimately bode well for the convenience store chain, as Tesla owners would most likely prefer to stop by the V3-equipped outlets during long trips.  

It should be noted that Wawa is not the only business that is embracing the electric car transition. Apart from the convenience store chain, Royal Farms, a Wawa competitor, also has EV charging stations installed in some of its outlets. Nevertheless, Wawa’s plans to expand its Supercharger support has been received warmly by the Tesla community. Longtime Tesla owner Vivianna Van Deerlin, for one, has noted that the EV charging stations will blend very well with Wawa’s business.  

“Superchargers offer a great utility when you’re traveling away from home. When you do stop, it takes about 10 or 15 minutes to charge. So it’s great to have a location that offers food, a bathroom, coffee, and even windshield cleaner fluid. Wawa is ideal,” she said.

Tesla Superchargers to double in Wawa outlets by the end of 2020
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