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Tesla strike in Sweden has reportedly expanded to all ports

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Tesla is reportedly dealing with an expanded strike in Sweden as local media outlets in the country are reporting that more unions have decided to enter the conflict.

The strike started at four major ports in Malmö, Trelleborg, Gothenburg, and Södertälje on Tuesday and could expand to “all Swedish ports,” local reports state.

In late October, IF Metall, a robust union in Sweden, warned Tesla of a potential strike if the automaker did not sign a collective agreement.

The latest developments before today came on Monday, as the New York Times reported that union officials would meet with Tesla representatives on November 6. However, the LO transport union announced on Tuesday that it has decided to apply its blockade to unload Tesla vehicles at all Swedish ports.

The union apparently heard that Tesla was planning to unload vehicles at other ports.

Elin Lörnbo, Press Officer at the LO Transport union, said to Swedish media outlet SVT:

“We have received indications that Tesla tried to get around the blockade, and therefore, we counter by closing that possibility.”

Another union, known as Fastighets, said that it would not clean Tesla premises in Huddinge, Segeltorp, Umeå, and Upplands Väsby starting November 17. Joakim Oscarsson, Fastighet’s Agreement Secretary said, per the report:

“When Tesla consistently refuses to sign a collective agreement, it poses a threat to the stability of the Swedish labor market. Everyone who works in Sweden must be covered by Swedish wages and Swedish conditions.”

Tesla has also commented, stating that they have already offered “equivalent or better agreements than those covered by collective bargaining and find no reason to sign any other agreement.” The automaker called the strike “unfortunate,” considering the fact that it follows Swedish labor market regulations.

Other reports have indicated that the strike failed as unionized workers in Sweden refused to walk out.

However, given these new statements from both sides of the issue, it seems that there is evidently something going on between Tesla and the unions in Sweden.

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Tesla strike in Sweden has reportedly expanded to all ports
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