Tesla finally adds Waypoints, a long-requested feature promised over a year ago

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Tesla has added Waypoints to improve the in-car navigation experience with Software Update 2021.40.5. Waypoints have been long requested by many Tesla owners, and the automaker has finally come through after Elon Musk confirmed they would be added in September 2020.

Tesla does not refer to them as “Waypoints,” however. Instead, the 2021.40.5 Software Update notes call the feature “Add Stop,” an acceptable alternative. “Add a new stop to your route by tapping the ‘+’ icon on the navigation search button and searching for a destination, or selecting a pin on the map.” The notes were provided by Tesla Motors Club member Spyderman09.

Credit: Spyderman09 | Tesla Motors Club Forums

After several owners bothered Musk for months regarding the introduction of waypoints, Musk asked, “You really want waypoints this much?” Just a day later, Musk said, “Fine, we’ll do it already,” with a smiley face emoji following the message. Tesla has likely had their hands full with other, more important developments, like the construction of its two new factories in Austin, Texas, and Germany. However, it has finally arrived.

Waypoints allow for freedom of navigation. While in-car navigation systems routinely predict the route a drive from point A to point B in the most efficient manner, whether it be by the shortest time or the shortest distance, there are some adventurers who are not willing to get to their destination without experiencing other things on the way. A cross-country drive seems to be the most notable instance of where Waypoints could be used in the most effective manner. However, short drives can also have their advantages with the new feature, especially if the ice cream parlor isn’t quite on the way home from the restaurant.

We used this example with Google Maps to show how Waypoints gives drivers the opportunity to schedule multiple stops during one journey:

“Tesla owners could stop in Times Square, then head West to Chelsea Piers, and back East to Midtown. This route would essentially act as a tour of Manhattan, instead of an efficient and straight-line path from the Park to the tallest building in the Big Apple.”

An example of Tesla Waypoints using Google Maps (Credit: Google Maps)

Amongst the 2021.40.5 Software Updates are also improvements to Sentry Mode Live Camera Access, Cold Weather Improvements, and Rear Display Improvements.

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Tesla finally adds Waypoints, a long-requested feature promised over a year ago
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