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Tesla stock (TSLA) gets higher price target but lower rating from Goldman Sachs

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Goldman Sachs has downgraded Tesla stock (NASDAQ:TSLA) from a “Buy” to a “Neutral” rating, though the firm also raised their price target on the EV maker from $185 to $248 per share. The update comes amidst TSLA stock’s recent rally, which saw the EV maker’s shares rising 108% year-to-date. 

Even with its pullback last Friday, Tesla stock still ended the day at $256.60 per share. This meant that the electric vehicle maker had a market cap of $813 billion at the end of the past week. That’s very impressive, and it suggests that the company has yet another shot at hitting and perhaps breaking the $1 trillion market cap mark in the coming months. 

The Goldman Sachs analysts are still optimistic about Tesla’s long-term growth potential. However, with TSLA shares rising 108% YTD, “the stock now better reflects” the firm’s bullish stance on the company, as noted in a Investing.com report. This was highlighted by the analysts in a note to clients. 

“Overall, we believe our view that Tesla is well positioned for long-term growth, given its leading position in the EV and clean energy markets (which we attribute in part to its ability to offer full solutions including charging, storage, software/FSD, and services with a direct sales model), is now better reflected in the stock,” the Goldman Sachs analysts wrote. 

The analysts’ decision to downgrade TSLA shares to “Neutral” appears to be mostly driven by the company’s valuation itself, though they also highlighted a “difficult pricing environment for new vehicles.” Such an environment may become a challenge for Tesla’s non-GAAP gross margin in 2023, the Goldman Sachs analysts stated.

“While the market is now giving the stock more credit for its longer-term opportunities, we are also cognizant of the difficult pricing environment for new vehicles that we think will continue to weigh on Tesla’s automotive non-GAAP gross margin this year,” Goldman analyst Mark Delaney noted.

The analysts, however, clarified that they remain “positive on EV adoption, and (they) continue to see the most investing opportunities among our broader set of suppliers, especially those with higher content to enable the shift to EVs and electrification.” 

Goldman Sachs is not the only firm that has adjusted its forecast for Tesla. Morgan Stanley and Barclays also opted to downgrade the electric vehicle maker’s shares to “Equal Weight” in the previous week. 

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Tesla stock (TSLA) gets higher price target but lower rating from Goldman Sachs
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