Tesla (TSLA) Hits Highest Quarterly Sales In Company History

Stock ticker TSLA:US sees a 12% jump after the company announces that fourth quarter sales were among the highest in its company history.

In a press release issued by Tesla Motors today, the electric vehicle maker announces that nearly 6,900 vehicles were sold and delivered last quarter which represents a 20% increase in revenue over its previous guidance.

According to Tesla Motors, the main driving force behind the increase in demand for the Model S is a result of its superior cold weather performance, five star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA),  as well as, presumably, the ability for Panasonic to meet the car makers aggressive demand for automotive grade lithium-ion battery packs.

Given the amount of Model S winter driving videos being produced, our guess is that a large number of these sales are being attributed to overseas sales in Norway where the number of plug-in electric vehicles is the largest per capita in the world.

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