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Tesla launches new Shareholder Platform for exclusive $TSLA features

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla announced it has launched a new, in-house Shareholder Platform, which will allow shareholders to participate in events and access exclusive features.

This morning, Tesla Tweeted that it was launching a new Shareholder Platform to allow $TSLA investors to participate in Tesla events and “hear more updates soon.”

Tesla requires those interested in confirming their status as a Shareholder through Say, the platform the automaker uses to allow investors to submit questions for Earnings Calls. It also gives the opportunity to verify the status through Plaid, another platform. Both have access to hundreds of brokerages, so you can confirm your status no matter where you hold your shares.

The Platform plans to allow Shareholders to participate in events, vote and submit questions during earnings calls, and other features that will be announced later on.

You can then subscribe to three different tiers of notifications that you’d like to receive from Tesla after your account has been verified: Basic, Intermediate, and Detailed.

tesla shareholder platform tiers

Credit: Tesla

The Basic tier will alert Shareholders of new press releases, Shareholder Decks, Delivery announcements, Earnings Calls, and Blog Posts. Intermediate members will get Basic access and alerts when 10-Q, 10-K, and 8-K documents are posted. Detailed tier members will get all SEC documents, including all alerts from the Intermediate and Basic tiers.

The Shareholder Platform will give Tesla more exclusivity to its investors, and will also help the company track metrics based on its shareholder population.

Disclosure: Joey Klender is a TSLA Shareholder.

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Tesla launches new Shareholder Platform for exclusive $TSLA features
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